How restaurants choose the right commercial oven for them

When setting up a professional kitchen, the commercial oven is one of the most important items of equipment you will select. An oven is generally vital in your commercial cooking, and so it is critical to choose the appliance that will match your needs, especially as there are so many to choose from.

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Know Your Categories

It is important to know the difference between the types of ovens available, and to consider what you need now and what may be required in the future. Ambition should not be limited by the tools in your kitchen.

Choosing the right commercial oven can be an inspirational factor in your cooking too, as celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal discusses in this interview from The Telegraph.

Large Variety

A commercial oven range is a versatile choice, with a large space internally for pastries and meat, and hobs – gas or electric – on its top. A convection oven has a fan inside that moves the heat around efficiently to decrease cooking time. A steam oven is wonderful for vegetables, rice or fish and is a healthy way to cook, but it cannot do crisping and browning. The combination oven is an innovative blend of convection and steam, where the chef can choose one or the other or a combination to prepare food.  A company that cooks a lot of food using ovens is an Italian Restaurant Dublin company who use wood fired ovens to cook freshly made pizzas who you can find at links including

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Other types of specialty ovens include the pizza oven, a charcoal oven and a potato oven. If operating a canteen or a carvery, the cook and hold oven can provide gentle cooking and keep food warm for some time without affecting its quality.

Of course, once you have done all that cooking, you will need to get those dishes clean, and commercial warewashers are probably your best option there. If you’re thinking about investing in commercial warewashers it would be a good idea to do some research and consult an expert.
There are also other issues to consider when choosing an oven, such as the space you have, the kind of fuel you want to use in the oven and its power source. If installing a steam oven, you may require a water source, and an extractor may be needed to make the kitchen more pleasant to work in, and to comply with local regulations.

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