Creating a Pond as a Feature for your Garden

If your project for 2023 is to improve your garden, then why not consider building a pond? As well as being one of the most attractive garden features, a pond is also a great way to encourage wildlife into your garden and is said to be one of the best things that you can do to support the local wildlife population, as it is such a varied and important part of the ecosystem for many species of animal.

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Before you begin to build a pond, first map out and plan where you are going to put it. A garden pond does not have to be huge in order to look beautiful and to provide a place for wildlife, so if you have a smaller garden, don’t be put off building a pond for this reason. Once you have decided on where you are going to put the pond and have mapped out your area, you can then start to construct it.

Start by digging out a hole where it is going to go. You are going to need to get some pond liner to keep the water in the pond and prevent it from draining away, and also some material like sand to place on top of the liner. When you put the liner down, you also want to ensure that you have enough to come out of the top of the pond.

Plants make a pond both an attractive garden feature and also an important habitat, and there are lots of types of plants that you can put in the pond. They also help to oxygenate the water for the creatures that live there. As well as plants, think about features like rocks that frogs can use to get in and out of the pond, as well as pumps to also help keep the water moving and stop it from becoming stagnant.

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There are lots of other ways that you can make the pond even more of a feature. Use an animal sculpture like this to add interest, or you can create a seating area around the pond – perfect for relaxing on a beautiful summers’ day! If you are looking for inspiration, there are plenty online that will help you to adorn your pond.

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