Tips for Creating your Own Garden Pond this Summer

Something which makes a great addition to the garden is a pond. For you, a pond can create a more relaxing garden environment to spend time in, and for wildlife it provides a much-needed habitat. The great thing about garden ponds is the fact that it really doesn’t matter what size your garden is – it doesn’t have to be a vast space to create a perfect pond!

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Something else that you can consider when you are thinking about adding a pond to your garden is a water feature. Not only are these incredibly relaxing, but they can also create a beautiful focal point for the garden and pond area. There are many available to choose from, online and in garden centres, or if you want something truly unique, get some materials like this copper pipe and have a go at making your own.

Before you start work on making your own garden pond, the first thing to do is get designing. Be creative and think about the ideal size and location of your pond. Mark out the shape and where you will put things like fountains and rockeries (these are great near a pond as they provide a hiding place for creatures like frogs). If you are going to be putting plants in and around the pond, you might also want to spend some time researching what sort of plants you might like and what will be well suited to the area that you have chosen.

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When creating a pond, another great tip is to have a sloped area – this will allow creatures to get in and out of the water with ease. You can also use things like logs to create steps and slopes for this purpose.

Once you have dug your pond area out, you will need to put pond liner in the hole. This is readily available at most DIY stores, and also at places that specialise in garden equipment like nurseries and specialist aquatic shops. The liner should also have a layer of sand on top of it.

Once you have filled your pond (using rainwater if possible) leave it to stand for a few weeks before you start putting plants in it. You need to give it time to settle.

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