Machines that can Help with Building Projects

There are many construction projects that are done in the UK that are made so much easier when you have the right tools and machinery for the job. Whether you are an individual building an extension or doing some garden landscaping, or you are a company who is looking to do some maintenance work or building, having the right equipment means that the job can be done in a more timely manner, as well as being easier and safer.

The problem for many people can be purchasing machinery. This is fine if you are a building firm and are going to get plenty of use out of it, but what about those jobs that you just need some equipment to do for a short period of time, or indeed if you are a self-builder who will not use the machinery in the future?

This is where hiring the equipment that you need makes much more sense – going to somewhere like this plant hire Northampton based business means that you can have the machinery and equipment that you need when you want it, and you are paying to hire  it rather than buying it outright.

Here are some of the machines that are commonly used as hire machines…


If you want to dig out an area or move larger objects around then an excavator is great. They can do a range of tasks and are not as cumbersome to move around as larger machines. Perfect for working in smaller areas and doing jobs like garden landscaping and clearances.

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If you want to clear a site ready for building or break down large boulders, then this is the machine that you want. They are strong and reliable, helping to move large amounts of heavy material away from a site so that building work can commence there. Because of their strong grip, they are able to work on pretty much any type of terrain too.

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These strange looking machines do what the name suggests – they dig trenches! Making short work of a job that can take a long time and be very hard work, these are popularly used by those who are wanting to dig trenches to lay down pipes or cables underground. They also ensure that the depth of the trench is consistent as well as making the process much more efficient.

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