Assertiveness at work

A time is not a battle won. Who has not done in a situation that did not want to know not say no?

Almost everything in life is learned, and like creativity can acquire it or train it, assertiveness is a must to negotiate communication skills at work.

Startup Diagram StructureThe way we behave impact on results that benefit us. Sometimes say it costs us, and this behavior in the workplace creates problems.

A hackneyed phrase is to: ” It is I know not say no.” Perhaps it is true, but the important thing is to learn and not to say that our first fellow who always ends communicative advantage of this lack.

People who do not practice assertiveness, put before the rights of others to their own and thus avoid conflicts. They are the ones who often respond to any request with,”As you wish”, “No matter”, and so on .

That is, a perfect profile to be disregarded by the environment and easy to handle.

However, the assertive person expresses his feelings in a direct way but with respect as a base.

And they used phrases like: “Sounds good what you say, but you must understand that I …” “I would like …” and others, where it is clear that despite respect the opinion of another, or understand you have a problem, this will not be enough for him to give up his time.

Assertiveness is not only positive on a personal level but professional. Let us not fear to contradict, all this with good arguments and courteously be well accepted both among peers and by our superiors.

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