What to consider before joining a Start-up?

When considering whether or not to join a start-up, there is a tendency to fantasize about the great opportunities before us or, on the other hand, obsessed with the risk involved.

Obviously, none of these options we deserve it because obviously we are not productive and will not help us in our decision process.

Startup Diagram StructureHow to determine if you are ready to make the jump to a Start-up

  • Motivations

The first is to reflect on your motivations. Thinking about what is expected from the experience will help you identify the right opportunity.

  • Equipment

Second, you must know the team spending a few days in situ observing how they work. If possible, do a side project with the company.

  • Due diligence

Then animosity criteria should apply a due diligence finances of the company. This involves identifying whether the company is in a phase of pre-revenue or already billed, which is the speed of project implementation to achieve it deadlocked, etc.

In short, it is to be meticulous and demanding not to forget that you are not playing the lottery but want to participate in a business project with significant impact if we are not demanding in assessing the risks we assume.

Finally, we must weigh the opportunity presented to join the Startup and opportunity cost involved for electing instead of other projects or opportunities. While it may be a trivial sentence, we must bear in mind that from the start to join a start-up is not only work, is also part of a way of life.

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