Seychelles Islands: Journey to Paradise

Why wish for your idyllic vacation a trip to a dream island if you can enjoy several spectacular islands? If you have just thought about an island, update your preferences and bet on an unforgettable vacation in the islands of Seychelles (115 islands).

Located in the Indian Ocean, these paradisiacal islands and very well prepared for tourism will catch you with its sweet charm. In this list of places to see and activities to do we explain why.

1.- Victoria

Seychelles Islands Journey to paradise

Located on the island of Mahé, it is the capital of the Seychelles and the city that owns the international airport of the islands. In Victoria, it is essential to visit its extraordinary botanical garden.

In this garden, you will begin to appreciate the magnificent variety of animals and plants, of African and Oriental origins. Over its wonderful fauna will, of course, highlight its different native breeds of giant tortoises.

Victoria is the city and the most populated island of this unforgettable archipelago of the Indian Ocean, and there you will find services and leisure areas to enjoy the warmest night.

2.- Diving and marine activities

Seychelles Islands Journey to paradise1

The good temperatures of the Seychelles (between 25 degrees and not exceeding 30 degrees) and its crystalline waters will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the seabed and its inhabitants.

A perfect area for this activity is the Alphonse Islands. We only exclude for this activity the period between the months of November to May, since it is the rainy season due to the monsoons.

In addition to underwater activities, sailing and deep-sea fishing are also very popular.

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3.- Geological Expeditions

Seychelles Islands Journey to paradise2

Its granite and coral islands are very interesting to appreciate, so enjoying a geological excursion can be a great idea. You can observe its geological richness in excursions on foot or even by boat.

Mahé Island and the most central islands are formed of granite and the peripheral ones are the result of the activity of the coral.

In the Seychelles Islands, it is very important to care for the coral, thus developing multiple projects to protect coral and its formations in barriers.

4.- Natural parks

Seychelles Islands Journey to paradise3

Half of these wonderful islands are protected, their natural treasures are a place to keep. You will be able to enjoy marine natural parks, like the one of Sainte Anne or the more wild ones, like the park Morne Seychelles.

The Aldabra Atoll and the Mai Valley Nature Reserve are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Seychelles Islands Journey to paradise4

If you want to know the biggest island of the Seychelles, you must visit the Island of Praslin. One of the recommended excursions is the visit to the Mayo Valley.

In addition to this, strolling along its golden coast enjoying a dreamlike view while you forget all earthly bondage, is the most sensible thing you can do.

If you want to discover something different and that you will see in very few places of the world, visit one of its pearl oyster farms. You will discover the natural miracle of the black pearl.

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6.-La Digue

Seychelles Islands Journey to paradise5

On this island, it is best to enjoy calmly and without haste of its beautiful Silver Spring Bay, an incomparable beach as far as its beauty is concerned.

Maybe it’s the most beautiful you can see in the world. You can also enjoy the other beaches and discover beautiful corners of the island mounted on a rented bicycle.

It is a pleasure to visit the island. It is very curious to take some time to visit the vanilla crops and the spectacular houses built in remote times.

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