Experience The Allure Of The Greens and The Peaks In Coorg

Coorg is still considered an offbeat travel destination in India, but remember, once you have been to this place, you will no longer stick to the monotonous hill station packages, for Coorg is a gem of a place. Read ahead to arrange for an immaculate excursion to this beautiful place in the greenest part of India.

Where to Stay?

Overflowing with natural luscious landscapes, Coorg is a perfect place to spend a few days away in the lap of nature with an extraordinary ordeal. There are numerous lodgings and resorts in Coorg which offer exceptionally great facilities and perspectives from their premises to make their visitors feel good and get restored. From budget inns to lavish resorts, Coorg is a trove of choices. Also, if you are a solo traveller, or if you like going a bit off the track, then do try the cosy homestays in Coorg. It can be an altogether different and a wonderful experience.



Touted as the “Kashmir of South India” by local people, Coorg has a large number of attractions for visitors that provide astounding sights of the lavish green mountains decorated with mists, and waterfalls at a few spots. The most well known spots in Coorg are:

  • Iruppu Falls – Gushing with smooth white water, the perspective of this sight is simply stunning. Indeed, even the drive to these falls is as hypnotizing, yet one needs to stop at a devoted spot, trek a bit, and after that reach the Iruppu Falls.
  • Tibetan Monastery – This Golden Temple is a perfect asylum and is arranged in a Tibetan settlement which is the second biggest outside Tibet. The most appealing part about the religious community are the 40 ft. tall Buddha statues, the brilliant temple insides, and a tad shopping square outside the sanctuary complex that offers Tibetan treats. A must visit place!
  • Kotebetta – This spot offers such an amazing scene of the western ghats, that it has been touted as the “Scotland of India” by a few sightseers. Go for some ecstatic time. Perfect for shutterbugs!
  • Thadiyandamol Hills – If trekking is the thing that one is searching for, then this is the right spot. One can even camp at the summit, however only post 6 pm.
  • Shopping and Entertainment – Since Coorg overflows with natural goodness, keep in mind to take home a pack of freshly grown coffee and spices from the lush estates of Coorg to have a feel of having something “straight from the horse’s mouth!”

So, next time, if planning for a solemn trip in the best of Indian locations, then do give a try at the various Coorg holiday packages offered by travel companies to not just get an offbeat experience, but also to get better acquainted with the richness of the south Indian delight. Have a wonderful trip!

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