Manufacturing trends you’ll see in 2024

The manufacturing landscape is constantly evolving. So, what are the main trends that will be around in 2024?
1. More digital tools

Already being used by many manufacturers, digital tools will continue to be important. And the smarter they get, the more useful they will prove. These tools can improve efficiency, increase resilience, reduce waste and provide real-time insights.

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2. More investment in automation

Automation already plays a significant part in the industry, and this is a trend that is likely to continue in 2024. Automation offers a way around skills shortages, enables the redeployment of human workers into more value-added and personal activities, and can add to a business’s overall resilience. Investment in automation is seen as a priority to prepare for future economic uncertainty.

Vacuum conveying

Vacuum conveying is one of the many automated systems that can be used in the manufacturing process. If you are interested in finding out more about vacuum conveying, there are several specialists in this field. Many of these companies have useful online resources that can give you more information, such as the examples seen here:

3. Increased human and AI partnership

Rather than AI replacing humans, AI and human partnerships in the workplace will continue to prove important. AI will be able to deal with the more repetitive and mathematical tasks, whilst humans will be able to focus on activities such as design, management, and testing.

A study from MIT suggested that teams made up of robots and humans could be as much as 85% more productive than teams consisting of just robots or just humans.

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4. Greater collaboration

More coordinated working and collaboration between various stakeholders is likely to be a theme of 2024. This will help encourage innovation and improve sustainability across the manufacturing industry.

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