How to make your building stand out

It is difficult to define good architecture. Humans are different. We like different things. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another. What can we expect of a building? It should be attractive, well-built, and serve the needs of its users.

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Commercial and Residential Architects today must satisfy their clients while also considering the needs of the society as a whole. The buildings are not just there to serve the people who paid for them, but they also create public squares and street frontages. These are things we all see, even if we never step inside. We are surrounded by architecture – at work, on holiday, in our shops, and even where we live. It is important to take it seriously. For help from Residential Architects, contact Quattro.

Buildings are built to last many decades. Their functionality over the long term must be taken into consideration. The appearance of the building is important, but so are energy use and sustainability. Every design decision must be made with a good reason.

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Buildings can be attractive or ugly, inviting or unwelcoming, just like language. We have seen some great buildings over the years. Roman, Gothic and Victorian buildings, as well as Georgian, Edwardian, Tudor, Anglo-Saxon and art deco buildings, have all contributed to the eclectic mix of architectural styles that we see today.

Our buildings need to be energy-efficient and sustainable in this new era of reducing carbon emissions. Their design is crucial. A building that is energy efficient will have good planning, construction, insulation, solar panels, and double-glazed windows. LED bulbs and energy efficient appliances can also help to reduce carbon emissions.

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