Facebook Messenger will soon have its own integrated gaming platform

Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging application for mobile social network, is preparing to launch a new platform called “Instant Games”. With it, users of Messenger can challenge your friends to play mini – games directly from within the application without installing them on mobile

As detailed The Information, “Instant Games” would be developed to allow use asynchronous games, so that we could take turns games with friends without having to be connected to both simultaneously. It would be something like what we can find in mobile games like Angry Words.

facebook-messenger-will-soon-have-its-own-integrated-gaming-platformFacebook plans to launch the development kit later this month, so you still need to know details as if developers can implement micro payment systems in their titles. Yet already mentioned the participation of renowned specialized studies in mobile games like King, makers of Candy Crush.

Facebook does not give up games

It’s no secret that Facebook seems to have lost the race to be relevant in the world of mobile gaming. Still, it seems that they are willing to try again, and they will create a gaming experience around your messaging platform to leverage its more than one billion users.

Facebook’s commitment to the mini games seems firm, for this week presented a platform called Gameroom to play them from your computer. It is a concept similar to Steam, but with more own games on mobile devices rather than big AAA titles.

Facebook Messenger is a messaging platform that already has implemented a complete set of applications with which we can interact with our contacts. Therefore, it seems a logical step to take advantage of this technology to include games. We will have to wait for more details to see which is the exact approach.

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