An introduction to HTML banner ads

We see them all the time, but not everyone knows what these kinds of ads are. So, what are HTML banner ads? Why do they matter, and how can you be sure to get them right? Read on as we explore these basic questions about HTML banner ads.

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What is an HTML banner ad?

A banner ad is usually placed at the top of a website, covering most of the width, like a banner that you might see in a shop window. As you may have guessed, the phrase ‘HTML’ suggests that this is a web-based ad. But when people talk about HTML banner ads, they usually mean HTML5 ads, which are designed to work in conjunction with Google ad services.

Why do I need to know about HTML banner ads?

These kinds of ads are one of the best ways to get clicks and engage customers. Website banner ad space is premium advertising space, as it’s the first place that a web user looks at a new page. Unlike the Flash-based ads that came before, HTML ads can integrate all sorts of links, animations and graphics, and most importantly, do not need reformatting for different devices.

They also have significantly faster processing time. That means your ad will look just as great on a phone as it does on a big screen. However, if you want your banner ad to make a real impact, it’s best to call in the professionals, such as those at, who really understand banners.

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These ads are a great way to get seen and heard, and to have traffic directed to your website. You probably see and engage with HTML banner ads every day of your life and don’t even realise it, which is why they are so effective.

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