The sweater of protection for the Fishermen of Ireland

Out on the west coast of Ireland lies a set of 3 small islands. These are the Isle of Aran. The Three sisters, as they are known, are the home of a hardy race of people. The islands are rugged and rough. Not only are they buffeted by the strong Atlantic Ocean and the winds it generates. The high-sided cliffs and rocky inland features make growing crops like wheat and root vegetables difficult. Therefore, the inhabitants had to rely on the fish and crustaceans around them to survive, along with the meagre vegetables they could grow and the mutton and lamb from the sheep they raised. There was just about enough in the grasslands to support grazing animals.

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Out on the sea, the Atlantic was a rough and dangerous place to fish and farm. The men of the islands were at significant risk, and every time they set out, even if the weather seemed fine, they could never be sure that the climate would turn and they would be faced with high winds that would blow their boats back on to the Rocky shores of the islands.

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They also risked exposure to the cold and wet conditions. fisherman sweaters for men like those from Are examples of work by the women of Aaron for the fisherman. These cable net jumpers were made with unique wool from the sheep of the island. Not only was this warming, but it was water resistant, too.

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