8 facts about Android that iOS users do not understand

8 facts about Android that iOS users do not understand

Presented to the iPhone market, Apple raised the bar of quality in the smartphone segment, but now the company loses credibility of users, an important role in this process was played by the incident with the slowdown of devices. Recently, we have seen an increase in users’ interest in flagship devices on Android, and this is not spontaneous, Google itself began manufacturing a quality line of Pixel smartphones, in addition to Google there are many more vendors that offer quality devices on Android, Samsung and Xiaomi will not be superfluous.

Coupled with a quality device, Android offers much more features compared to iOS. If you do not already know, here is a list of 8 facts.

Price8 facts about Android that iOS users do not understand

The most budgetary version of iOS is the iPhone SE, for $352. And higher. In terms of characteristics, this smartphone has become obsolete for a year or two, at least. I’m not saying that he’s bad. For the same price, you can choose a smartphone on Android is much more interesting, it will have more screen and more powerful hardware. For example, Xiaomi Mi A1 on pure Android will cost you $248. and there are still $104 for accessories. Undoubtedly, flexible price offers to play a role in favor of Android.

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Convenient file system

Android supports the ability to connect to a PC as an external storage, for this, nothing special is needed, just connect the device to a PC via USB and it will determine itself, it works thanks to the support of plug-n-play technology. You can easily move files, copy and delete. In the case of the iPhone, you will first need to install iTunes, even after installation and configuration, you cannot move freely around the iPhone storage.

Customization8 facts about Android that iOS users do not understand

This is a controversial point since iOS users will say that it is “a youth, to engage in such nonsense.” I now discard the fact that it is possible to customize the look and feel, that’s all there is and if you wish, you can change the appearance of the interface beyond recognition. But it’s not about that at the moment, the key thing here is to configure applications by default. On Android, you can choose the browser that you like and it will open the default links, also with the mail client and similarly with another software. Android provides a choice that iOS cannot provide.

Memory Expansion8 facts about Android that iOS users do not understand

What the heck when buying a smartphone you need to think how much memory you need, in the case of iOS you will have to decide. Most smartphones on Android support the expansion of the device’s memory by using microSD. You get used to it and you never bathe again about the free space, it’s over – you just bought a microSD of the right size. iOS, sorry, here you are again in flight.

More unlock options for your device8 facts about Android that iOS users do not understand

Before the release of the iPhone X, Apple offered to unlock devices using TouchID and the introduction of a pin code, after the “dozens” appeared FaceID, judging by the reviews on the network, which is not so convenient and does not work as users would like. And here again, Android offers more features, besides all the listed ones that Apple has, Android supports unblocking with the introduction of a graphic key and an iris scanner.

True multitasking8 facts about Android that iOS users do not understand

On the iPad, you can run two applications at the same time, but unfortunately, Apple does not allow users to do the same on the iPhone. On Android, you can watch videos without problems and at the same time check mail, read the news and chat in the messenger, just use the function of the split screen.

Big choice8 facts about Android that iOS users do not understand

If you do not like Pixel smartphones, pay attention to Samsung or Xiaomi, LG smartphones and any other smartphone on Android. There is a huge choice of devices, everything depends on your budget and needs. Well, if you are an iOS fan and you did not like the new iPhone – as the owners of Apple smartphones say: “pass model, I will wait for the next one.”

Custom firmware8 facts about Android that iOS users do not understand

If you are suddenly tired of stock firmware, or if the manufacturer has stopped supporting your smartphone on Android – you can use custom firmware. As a rule, custom firmware introduces new functions to obsolete devices, from large projects – LineageOS and Paranoid Android. IOS users are not even available to roll back to the previous version of the firmware.

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