Tinkerbell Chimes

Life as a Tinker Fairy isn’t all pretty objects and sunshine. Well okay, I do often find pretty things washed up on the beach and I love spending time down there with my friends, but, I have just spent the last week inventing a machine to clean snail shells.

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Now, I am more than happy inventing things to help my fellow fairies. Faun absolutely loved the ‘Snail Washomatic’ but I would really love to create something pretty and sparkly. The Fall Sceptre was the last truly beautiful thing I tinkered together.

I have even sketched out my dream design. Two luxury chandeliers made from the most beautiful rose-coloured crystal glass. They would be a perfect gift for Queen Clarion’s birthday in a few weeks’ time. They would look amazing in the ballroom. I even did my research and found some wonderful examples on http://roccoborghese.com/ I spent all last night reading an article on the best chandeliers in the world. The chandelier in the Paris Opera house is just breath-taking. I just adore the fairy web. I can find anything on there. Remind me to search for ways to get snail slime out of my pom-pom boots. That stuff gets everywhere!!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, my beautiful chandeliers. Designing them was easy and making them even easier. I am a tinker you know. I found some wonderful lost things down on the beach that would be perfect. Cheese, the mouse (weird name I know), helped me bring them back to my workshop. Now all I need to do is find the time to make them.

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I have the whole thing planned out. Once I have made the chandeliers Rosetta can bring me some beautiful roses to display around the central stem. She is an amazing flower fairy, just don’t ask her to get muddy. Then, once we have used fairy dust to lift the chandeliers into place and secure them to the ceiling, Iridessa can use the moonlight to shine through the crystal. The ballroom would be lit with a beautiful rosy glow. Queen Clarion throws the most amazing parties. I’m hoping this time I might be able to persuade Terence to come and dance with me. Last year he was on the night shift in the fairy dust depot.

Uh oh! I can hear Fair Mary coming. She’s just outside the window. Oh No! she’s covered in snail slime. I must have calibrated the machine wrong. She does not look happy. It looks like my chandelier dreaming will have to wait a little longer. I don’t suppose you could do me a favour and find that website on removing snail slime and send to me could you? I have a feeling I am going to be washing Fair Mary’s clothes for a week. Oh the joys of being Tinkerbell!

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