Some of the world’s most expensive carpets

When some talks about carpets to you today you automatically think about the floor covering that you have in your bedrooms and living room and that you regularly have cleaned by Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company However elsewhere in the world and in past carpets also covered what we would now called rugs and floor coverings – although these ones are much more ornate and made from different materials to the standard rugs that you would find in a homeware store today.

Here are some of the world’s most expensive for you to have a look through.

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The most expensive carpet/rug that there has been in recent years is the Silk Isfahan Rug which comes from central Persia. This was sold in 2008 for an incredible $4,450,000. It is made of pure silk and is an incredibly rare find and the delicate craftsmanship in the design can be seen as well as the high knot density which makes this rug an incredible piece of art as well as a beautiful rug to own – although you wouldn’t want anyone sitting or walking on this one.

In second and third place of the most expensive rugs are two rugs that could be described as siblings. The Ziegler Mahal Carpets 2 and 3 were both designed with soft palette colours and are both very large in their sizes. The carpet 2 sold for $170,500 regardless of the fact that it had a few holes in it. The carpet 3 sold for $182,500 which is more than the other carpet as this one was in a much better condition. Both of these rugs were in incredibly high demand when they went up for sale.

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Other rugs in the list include:

  • Mohtashen Kashan Carpet – This rug was amongst the highest grade of its style that was made during the 19th The craftsmanship used in the making of this rug is incredible and resulted in it being sold for $92,500
  • Portuguese Armorial – Selling for $80,500 this rug is of a square design rather than rectangular and has a very ornate border.
  • Fereghan Sarouk – again another Persian rug that sold for $74,500 and is in the Fereghan Sarouk original design which is particularly desired by collectors of these items.
  • The Tabriz Carpet – originating from Persia this was designed in a traditional Mahi pattern and colours. This is sometimes known as a turtle shell design. It sold for $68,500

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