You will go Upside Down for these Roller Coasters

What makes Roller Coasters so thrilling? Maybe it’s the way it makes your heart race when you are going up that slow steep incline, or maybe it’s that feeling of going over a loop? Roller coasters are exciting because it causes us to feel that adrenaline in our bodies. There are many roller coasters in the UK that are well known, (some not for the right reasons of course) and will certainly make you want to go to your nearest theme park. If you are interested in having your next school trip at one of these attractions, a Dorset Coach Hire company such as, or a coach hire company closer to you will be able to safely transport your class to one of these theme parks – so even they can try out the daring rides. Here is a list of the top roller coasters in the UK

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Nemesis Inferno 

With having starred on the hit TV show ‘The Inbetweeners’, this roller coaster is far from boring; It includes twists, turns and loops, and has a maximum speed of 80 km/h. Nemesis Inferno is one of Thorpe Parks most popular rides and continues to be enjoyed by those of different ages. The maximum height of Nemesis Inferno is 29 metres (95ft) tall, so if you have a fear of heights than this ride may not be the one for you. 

The Big One 

Based at Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, there is a reason that this roller coaster is called ‘The Big One’; with a maximum height of 235 ft, ‘The Big One’ is the tallest roller coaster in the UK. This ride continues to be popular with many thrill-seekers as it has a speed of 74 mph, and a drop height of 205ft. If you have a fear of roller coasters, you might want to hold off on riding this one.

The Runaway Minetrain 

The Runaway Mine train continues to be one of Alton Towers most favourite, and oldest rides, having opened in 1992. This roller coaster has a slower impact and appeals more to families. You even get a ‘choo choo’ greeting from a worker over the tannoy. This ride has a speed of 36 km/h.


Previously known as the ‘Black Hole’, Oblivion is certainly one of the UK’s most talked-about roller coasters. Oblivion’s main feature is the 180ft drop, in which beforehand the carriage slowly approaches the hill, and stands still – keeping you hanging on the edge of the drop, which gives it more suspense. This roller coaster has a speed of 68 mph. You can find this roller coaster at Alton Towers.

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Shock Wave 

Shock Wave is one of Drayton Manor’s oldest roller coasters, having opened in 1994. Shock Wave is one of the UK’s top standing roller coasters and continues to be enjoyed by many to this day. Shock Wave includes a 105ft drop, and a number of loops and corkscrews – so it’s no wonder this roller coaster continues to terrify those who ride it.

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