Why you should take a few professionally organised, Emergency First Aid Training Courses

Taking some professionally organised Emergency First Aid Training Courses is a great idea for everybody, no matter what line of work you are in or what your circumstances are at home, knowing how to react in a medical emergency is essential.  You could potentially save somebody’s life with the skills you learn at one of the elite courses run by an experienced, fully qualified Team such as tidaltraining.co.uk/.  You will be taught basic first-aid skills and learn how to administer C.P.R. CardioPulmonary Resuscitation if carried out correctly can be a lifesaving procedure and consists of artificial ventilation and chest compressions. There are seven basic steps to carrying out C.P.R. that you will be taught when you attend at least one of these emergency first aid training sessions.

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Step 1), Check for any immediate danger in the area, 2), Call for Help, 3), Check the casualty’s airways, 4), Administer two Rescue Breaths, 5), Give Chest Compressions, 6), Switch roles with the compressor, 7), Continue administering chest compressions and checking for a pulse until Medical Help arrives. Knowing this life-saving skill could save a person’s life.  You will learn about choking and how NOT to stick your fingers down the casualties throat!

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These fully inclusive courses also teach you about medical conditions such as Asthma and what to do if somebody has an Allergic Reaction to something.  They will also remind you to keep calm at all times and remember to breathe.

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