Understanding Concealed Carry Methods

Not all gun owners carry and conseal their guns the same way. Local laws, fashion preferences, lifestyle choices, and body type are just a few factors that can influence how someone carries a gun. However, given the ramifications of improper gun handling, it’s important to weigh the options carefully.

Shoulder Holster

Some people would rather not use their waist to carry a gun. A shoulder holster might be the best alternative, since it’s easy to access and conceal the gun. As long as the gun owner has concealed carry dress clothes that can cover the holster well, this method of carrying a gun is comfortable and convenient.

Belly Band

Elastic belly bands are great for people who want to do athletic activities while carrying their gun. The band is usually held together by velcroe and it wraps around the hips. If the person has extra magazine on hand, the belly band often has several pockets where the magazine can be stored.


Clipping the holster to the belt from inside the waistband is one of the most popular concealed carry methods. Whether the gun owner would like to access the firearm from the hip or back, the inside-the-waistband holster is a simple option as long as an overshirt, vest, or jacket can adequately cover the bulk.

Ankle Holster

Although the ankle holster can be slow to draw from when the person is standing, it can be a viable option for a backup gun. Gun owners who kneel or sit often can easily access the holster, especially drivers. When a person walks with an ankle holster, it’s important to ensure that his or her gait isn’t thrown off, as this can make it obvious to the public that there might be a hidden firearm.

Many gun owners have different purposes and live under different circumstances. When a person finds the best concealed carry method for his or her particular needs, bringing a gun out in the world can be safe, comfortable, and easy.

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