Traditional Educational Toys That Will Never Go out of Fashion

The toy industry is always changing, with more interactive versions of family favourites replacing many traditional choices; however, there are some toys that our children never tire of.

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Top Toys

Traditional toys, including Pay-Doh, Lego, the Rubik’s Cube, building blocks and stacking rings, have one thing in common: they are not only great toys that can be re-used and re-invented time and time again, but they are educational too.

Toys should entertain our children, offering hours of fun and engagement but also educating them, encouraging the development of literacy, numeracy, creativity and problem-solving at both school and home.

Tradition and Innovation

The TES recognises that traditional childhood toys are crucial for play and development. Additionally, they appreciate newer innovations and encourage inclusion of both in our classrooms. More information can be found at Dry wipe magnetic whiteboards for schools are a great re-usable inclusion in any classroom and can be used for many different functions throughout the day and school year.

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Toys help children develop intelligence, aid in development and when fun and engaging do so in a way that children do not even realise they are learning. Play encourages the use and development of imagination and physical and fine motor skills and helps support vital brain development. Learning through play offers children many benefits, and with manufacturers aiming to update beloved classics, many toys are here to stay. A magnetic whiteboard, such as those offered by, could offer an alternative or even be a contender in this category, as it can be reused and reinvented when required.

Dry magnetic whiteboards for schools can be used to engage children in many differing activities and with their ability to be re-used can offer schools crucial savings. Offered in a variety of sizes, they have an ability to appeal to a number of differing activities and ages, making them appealing to all key stages.

Here to Stay

Retro classics such as dolls’ houses and soft toys are universal staples that stand the test of time. Classic toys are those that seem to never go out of fashion and have the durability and flexibility to be reinvented or used in many ways to educate and equip a child with crucial skills for life ahead without their even realising they are learning.

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