Tips for successful mobile app testing

We’re becoming more and more reliant on our mobile devices and companies are increasingly using apps in order to engage with their customers and ensure they don’t get left behind.


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Many websites now receive more visits from mobile devices than they do from desktops, so it’s clear that businesses need to shift to accessing information via smartphones and tablets seriously. That means ensuring their apps and mobile versions of their websites are as good as they can be so that customers aren’t tempted to go elsewhere.

Plan ahead

It’s important for any tests, whether they’re carried out in-house or by a mobile software testing company, to work to a clearly defined plan. This should take account of the purpose of the app and who it’s intended for to come up with a list of functional requirements. Taking time to plan at the start can save testing time later.

When drawing up your own test plan make sure you involve not just the developers but also representatives from the design and operational sides of the app process, as well as the business team that it’s being built for. All parties need to be happy with the finished result.

Multiple platforms

Often developers use a cross-platform tool to make versions of the same app which can run on different operating systems. However, even with these tools, a problem can manifest itself on one platform that doesn’t necessarily occur when the app is run on others. It’s important to identify companies that can test across different platforms when asking who can help with mobile software testing?

While many tests can be simulated in laboratory conditions, it’s essential that some tests are also carried out on actual devices and on different versions of the operating system. Testing on real-world systems may throw up problems that would otherwise be missed, particularly when it comes to areas like the interface.

Test across the board

There are many aspects to a mobile app and you need to test all of them. That means checking the functionality of the app but also looking at how it operates under different workloads and at its functionality and usability.

You may want to a use a crowd testing service or set up a group of beta testers to ensure that the app is tested under a range of conditions.

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