The Most Important Wardrobe Basics for Men

When it comes to clothing, most guys are content with a pair of ratty jeans, some cargo shorts that may or may not have a rip in them, and their trusty lets get baked shirt. But you’re not “most” guys, your sense of style and level of grooming exceeds the typical dude. If this sounds like you, then you’re going to want to add some of these items to your wardrobe, because every man should have these garments in his closet. Sometimes you need to revisit the basics in order to step up your game and when it comes to clothing, you’re about to reach the next level with these men’s fashion fundamentals.

Selvedge Denim Jeans

Guys like wearing jeans but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style in order to be comfortable. That’s why you’ll want to seek out a good pair of selvage denim jeans. Go dark for a more traditional appearance and that way they can be paired with just about any article of clothing in your wardrobe. They’re typically cut with a fitted taper so you won’t walk around in a pair of jeans that might be too baggy for the current trends.

The Most Important Wardrobe Basics for Men

Crewneck T-shirt

You can’t go wrong with a nice cotton crewneck. It can be worn with literally anything, jeans, chinos, fitted shorts, throw a jacket over it and you’re ready for a night on the town. Go with solid colors when you’re buying a crewneck, patterns can skew a bit juvenile if you’re not careful, and you’ll always have something ready to wear if you buy black, white or gray.

The Dark Navy Suit

Every man should have at least one well-fitting suit at his disposal. Throw it on with a tie and you can show up at anything from a formal dinner to a business meeting. Forget the tie and step into a pair of canvas sneakers and you can go anywhere else. Dark navy isn’t quite black so you’re not going to a funeral and you’ll look fashion forward at all times. There are other colors you could go with as well, and you probably should have more than one suit in your closet, but dark navy is a good fallback for any situation.

The Wristwatch

This can go wrong if you’re not careful. Your personal taste might have you buying a Casio G-shock for your wrist and while that’s a perfectly good quality watch loaded with hundreds of cool features, it’s something better suited for track pants and running shoes. For all other situations, wearing something a little more sophisticated and subtle, with classic styling and a black leather band is going to complement your outfit so much more effectively when in the company of friends and colleagues.

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