Taking your toilet for granted

In western society we are accustomed to having our hygiene matters taken care of. We have developed some incredible sanitisation methods and our constant water supply has aided this. In restaurants and clubs we are used to seeing bathrooms available to cater for our needs and these are usually in good condition thanks to the products from Simple Hygiene Solutions Washroom supplier Gloucestershire.

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It is in fact a legal requirement for some organisations to supply bathroom facilities for their customers. For this reason Washroom supplier Gloucestershire companies supply other businesses with everything they need to clean and maintain their bathroom areas. There are some interesting facts about our bathroom habits and our hygiene and sanitisation processes.

It it is thought that the average person will spend a total of 3 years of their life visiting the bathroom. But interestingly around 2.5 billion people still do not have access to even the simplest of toilets. This is why diseases such as cholera and typhoid are still present in some parts of the world as this are linked strongly to poor sanitation.

Toilets are the one product in the house that uses the most amount of water with around 26 litres of water being used during each flush. This is reason why new flush mechanisms have been produced whereby you can reduce the amount of water being used. There are also devices that you can buy to place in your cistern that reduce the amount of water that fills up and is then used during each flush. A good quality toilet should last around 50 yrs if looked after properly and any hard water deposits are dealt with as soon as they appear.

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We now have access to a number of products that are used to improve the hygiene and overall appearance of a toilet. These include scented toilet paper and toilet fresheners that both deodorise and provide antibacterial properties. In early times Pomegranates that had cloves inserted into the skins were used as an early form of toilet freshener and moss and leaves were traditionally used as toilet paper.

Our toilets are much more luxurious nowadays with flushing properties as well as being located indoors and private for each individual. In the past these would have been made from wood or stone, would have been based on a long drop design rather than flushing and would have been communal. Thank goodness for Thomas Crapper and his work to bring us the modern day toilet.

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