Did you know that colours can give clues to your personality?

The colours you choose to wear offer many clues about your personality, according to author and stylist David Zyla. He states that even if you have many different colours in your wardrobe, the colour you gravitate to most is the one that says most about your character.

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How clothing colours reveal your character

Here are some popular clothing colours and what they say about their wearers.

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Green has a strong link with nature, and wearers of this colour tend to have a harmonious relationship with their surroundings. Contentment and peace are feelings strongly associated with green.


Black is viewed as indicative of seriousness, intelligence, power, and prestige, according to psychological research. Purposefulness, ambition, and sensitivity are all traits associated with wearing black. Generally, people who favour black are excitable and emotional, but they often try to hide these traits. According to the BBC, black is also linked to sophistication and authority.


Blue is associated with calmness, tranquility, intelligence, efficiency, and trust. With its billowy fabric, a blue maxi dress would be a perfect choice to showcase the serenity of this colour. Darker shades of blue in particular are aligned to a sense of calmness, so navy in particular would be a perfect option if you were considering a blue maxi dress. Often, blue is a colour chosen by polite, kind, and sympathetic people.


Red is associated with power and passion and is a popular choice of clothing colour when setting out to impress or persuade. This colour is strongly linked to movement, energy and excitement. Interestingly, psychologists have found that red is a stimulating colour for men.


Unsurprisingly, yellow is associated with laughter, the sun and happiness. Upon seeing this colour, the brain boosts the creation of serotonin. It also increases the rate at which your metabolism works. Furthermore, yellow focuses your mind and boosts levels of attention and concentration. That’s why it’s commonly used on street markings and road signs.


White represents innocence, simplicity, purity and freedom. Optimistic, reliable, and free-spirited people are often attracted to the colour white. These people also tend to be very organised and neat, commonly aiming for perfection in their endeavours. White is a neutral colour, and it’s appealing to lots of different personality types.


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