Keeping safe online – Covid prompts online dating spike

More and more people are taking up the option of dating online and with the number of dating apps and website on the increase this has come as no surprise. Now whilst meeting your future partner online is just the modern equivalent of meeting your future love at work or at a tea dance there are a number of things that you need to consider in order to keep yourself safe. Most of these are self explanatory but can easily get forgotten when you find yourself attracted to someone you have met online.

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  • Be curious

If you come across the profile of someone whose picture makes it look like they have just stepped out of a baywatch series then they are probably too good to be true. There are some tell tale signs of a fake profile in that they will often have a model grade image, low friend numbers and very few other images. There is also nothing wrong with using google to search for information on a person that you are talking to on one of the many dating apps. If they are a legitimate person you will often find other social media profiles with the same name and images that you will recognise.

  • Don’t give too much away

You should ensure that you don’t share too much information about yourself such as your exact address or business premises and yoru full date of birth. This helps to prevent identity thieves from using your information to apply for credit or passports etc

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  • Be sensible

When it comes to meeting in person for the first time you should ensure that this is in a public place where there will be lots of other people and you should also let your family and friends know where you are going and when and the name of the person that you are meeting up with. Some people also create a code word that they will text to a friend if they need to end the first date quickly. You should also think very carefully before you send any racy photos of yourself to another person and before you rush into a physical relationship with someone that you have met online. If you are worried that you have exposed yourself to a potential infection you can contact a STI Testing London company such as to have a full sexual health check carried out.

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