How to Brand Your Small Business Website

If you own a small business that is still trying to establish itself, it is essential that you brand your website. This will give the website a unique angle, helping it to stick out in users’ minds. This can help to improve user trust, which in turn can boost sales and overall engagement.

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But how exactly do you create branding? Here are four ways to add brand recognition to your website.

Use Colour

Colour is an essential part of branding; just think about Tiffany’s with their light green boxes and Coca Cola with the red cans. The colour is an integral part of the brand, and this is because customers see the colour and instantly think of the brand. This helps to promote brand awareness, helping customers to remember your company later down the line. Take some time to choose one or two company colours that work perfectly, but make sure you don’t use too many colours, as this can be distracting and less memorable.

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Create Your Own Style

It is essential for your website to have its own style, even if you are trying to keep up with current web design trends. This will help to make sure that your website stands out, and it should reflect the personality of your business (such as elegant, luxury, playful or trustworthy). It can be difficult to add a unique style to your website if you don’t have web design skills, so you may want to find someone who can help. If you are looking for high-quality web designers in Reading who can help you, check out Star Web Innovations are web designers in Reading.

Consider Your Typography Options

Typography is another part of your website that you can alter to add a personal touch – just make sure that you stick with a simple font that is easy to read for the main text. It is important to weigh up your options before making a choice, as changing your fonts regularly won’t help to establish brand recognition – and it could even damage the recognition that you have created already.

While the main font needs to be clear and easy to read, you can exercise a little more flexibility with your headings and sub-headings. However, it is always best to go for something that is subtle rather than over the top.

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