The delights of a cold glass of squash

Almost everyone at some point in their childhood will have tasted the delights of fruit squash. Sometimes the person serving it to you gets the squash to water ration just right and other times you can barely taste the flavour, or you are pulling a face like you have just sucked on a lemon. Either way next time you are ordering a drink in a pub or restaurant and are a served a type of Post Mix Juices, possibly from a company like you will have read our fact snippets on the world of squash.


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·        Squash is also known as cordial or dilute and is a concentrated syrup that is used in the making of drinks.

·        It is often made with fruit juice in a concentrated format, water and sugar or a substitute such as sweeteners.

·        Food colouring and additives may be added to the squash to enhance its look and flavour.

·        If you are looking for more traditional squash flavours then look out for those containing elderflower, ginger and other herbal extracts.

·        Squash is essentially a mixer drink and you can add whichever other element to it you wish. This could be water, carbonated water or tonic, lemonade and perhaps an alcoholic choice. This makes them a popular choice of ingredient for both alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails. The availability of squashes with different densities means you can create some spectacular split coloured drinks.

·        The most popular flavours of squash include apple and blackcurrant, orange and summer fruits.

·        More exotic flavours such as pineapple, mango, grapefruit and fruit barley squashes are also available as well as the traditional ginger and elderflower syrup-based squashes.

·        Squash is popular throughout a number of countries in the world, but it is not readily found in America and many families in the country will make their own squash at home.

·        Varying strengths of squash are available. Traditionally you would have one measure of squash to five measures of your additional element e.g. water. However, in a bid to help reduce the amount of plastic waste drinks companies have for the last few years been supplying double concentrate squash. This means that you now need to be adding up to eight measures of water for each squash measure you use.


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What is your favourite flavour of squash and what is your favourite element to mix with it? Mine is definitely apple and blackcurrant in a glass with lemonade and generous amount of ice cubes.


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