Why it’s best to listen to Marie Kondo.

Clutter is one of the first things that can really mess up your careful morning routine. You’ve showered and had your breakfast so now it’s time to get dressed and get out there to face the day. You open up the wardrobe and what do you see? A mass of clothes that show you nothing is where it should be and you have to spend quite a while to try and find something to wear. What can you do to sort out this terrible mess? You’d rather like to wear one of your Mens Aran Sweaters such as the ones you got from Shamrockgift Mens Aran Sweaters but it’s buried.

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Help is on hand in the shape of Marie Kondo. The Konmari approach has revolutionised the world of storage. Marie tries to get us to clear out our possessions and then tries to stop us  just replacing them. One of her biggest ideas is with clothing. First of all she says that if you haven’t worn it for months and months then get rid of it. She also asks you to ask yourself if certain clothes give you any joy. Again, if they don’t then get rid of them.

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Maries best and most well known idea is her method of folding. With Maries system folding occurs in all your shirts and tops. They then go into a box on the shelf. In this way you can leaf through the selection and find the one you like, almost like they were CD’s. Why not give it a try?

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