About the HMS Victory.

One of the most famous ships of the Royal Navy has to be that of HMS Victory. This enormous ship was the flagship of Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in October 1805.

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It has 104 guns which allow it to deliver a devastating broadside of 52 guns on each side of the ship.  Trafalgar was not the only place where she saw action she also was used in several other actions up until 1824c was just used as a ship to defend a harbour.  It is famous for its structural Oak beams like the ones you can buy from https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-products/structural-beams/.

This structural Oak stood the shipping good stead at the Battle of Trafalgar and other actions as it created an almost impenetrable barrier of wood and varnish and paint.  This made it extremely difficult for cannonballs to hit below the waterline and sink it. A first rate ship such as victory is almost like a floating Castle.

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At one point this great Old Ship was not treated with the respect it deserved after its role as a harbour defence ship  it was towed out into the middle of the Solent and used as target practice for newer ships such as the ironclads.  However by 1920 its significance was recognised and it was moved to a dry dock in Portsmouth naval yards.  She sits there still as a museum piece however the ship is still commissioned and could technically see Active Service making it the world’s oldest warship in this position.

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