9 Memorable Ideas To Entertain Your Guests

9 Memorable Ideas To Entertain Your Guests

Do not underestimate it. It is your party, but the guests will celebrate with you this moment of joy: make their day difficult to forget, surprise them, reward them, have fun and excite them. You will see that smiles in the wedding photos!

For an amazing wedding, you have to consider the idea that there should never be a dull moment, planning activities that entertain your guests. From the moment they arrive at the location to the delivery of wedding favors, it is good to occupy the guests with the traditional activities they expect; for example by making them interpret imaginative tableau de marriage and inciting them to wander in search of their placeholder wedding place at the table in question. But why not make this wedding unforgettable, with activities out of the ordinary? Maybe you’ll have to take off your wedding shoes to participate in these hilarious games with them! It will be something memorable.

1. Wedding party games: wedding games

An unexpected novelty: create an ad hoc game for your wedding, such as the “puzzle menu”. The menu that must be recomposed, to be read in full.9 Memorable Ideas To Entertain Your Guests

Another example? Crosswords or games for the week of puzzles, which give as a result of the correct compilation a sentence of love, in theme with your wedding reception.

2. Games from … table

Beautiful games, quizzes, tests of courage, yellow to solve. Any activity will be fun if you can face it as a team game, so you can determine the winning table at the end of your reception.

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3. Wheel of fortune

A wheel of fortune, with a hand to turn at each toast, can be fun. Penance that can happen can be a kiss of the couple, a dance, or make a couple kiss in the room. In conclusion. Guaranteed fun!

4. Soap bubbles on the tables9 Memorable Ideas To Entertain Your Guests

Leaving packets of soap bubbles or streamers on the tables is a good way to color the reception. Children will be happy. And do not worry, adults will use them too!

5. Urn of advice

There are always those who love to warn you about the efforts involved in the life of a couple. Print cards and arrange them on a table: guests can write tips for bridegroom and bride and put them in an urn or big jar. At the end, you will have to read a lot of funny wedding phrases, some of which can also be used in the album, next to the photos of the authors.

6. Do-it-yourself photos9 Memorable Ideas To Entertain Your Guests

If you want to light-hearted photos to add to the professional album that will create your photographer, make available a Polaroid, a Fujifilm Instax Mini or a disposable camera or simply a smartphone printer like a Canon Selphy. Invite guests to indulge themselves: it will be funny!

7. Create a memory: the fingerprint tree

The guestbook is a bookcase with a pen in which guests can leave a thought. The evolution of the latter is the tree of the footprints. A beautiful tree printed on a poster and spread on a table, providing many colored pads, in which the guests can “dirty” their fingertips, and then color the branches of the tree with leaves of a thousand shades. At the end, it will be more colorful than the bride ‘s bouquet and it will be wonderful to be able to hang it in the house as a souvenir.

8. Contact professionals

There is something for everyone. If you want to delegate entertainment to professionals you can choose between musicians of all kinds, animators, actors, street artists, comedians, cartoonists, and caricaturists. Then there are real readers of pieces of literature selected for you or those who paint with sand! A definitely uncommon idea that will leave everyone breathless.

9. Fireworks and launches9 Memorable Ideas To Entertain Your Guests

Launch balloons inflated with helium or led balloons if the wedding is in the evening, bright glowing stars to shake together, Chinese lanterns to launch. If you love these spectacular ways to excite those who have received your invitation to the wedding, you can also consider the cold fireworks: different rooms for parties allow their use, even inside, since they do not damage the furniture.

Your guests will admire you, in your splendid wedding dress, as beautiful as ever. And while friends and relatives will not be able to take their eyes off your perfect makeup and the dizzy jewel sandals you’ll have at your feet, the guests will have fun partying at the reception and loudly toasting and enlivening the diners. The celebration and the party will be memorable! Creating extra moments of entertainment will allow you, however, to customize the reception and make it look even more like you.

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