7 more surprising foods that you can and can’t freeze

Here are seven more foods that you can and cannot freeze. From salad greens to cakes and herbs, it’s sometimes surprising what can and can’t be stored in your freezer.

7 more surprising foods that you can and can't freeze

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Berries freeze fabulously, which is ideal as they spoil quickly in the fridge. Frozen berries can be used in a fruit salad or yoghurt, where they defrost in minutes.


Cakes, muffins and even brownies all freeze really well. Those who are organised often find that batch making cakes saves on time and money. Then, when you do need a last minute cake, simply get it out of the freezer a couple of hours ahead of when you need it. Freezing the naughty food is also wise for those who want to put those last few brownies out of reach!

Salad greens

Strangely, although fruit freezes fine, salad greens such as cucumber and tomato simply don’t. The waters in the food tend to spoil the rest of it and leave it without that lovely crunch.


Fresh herbs may taste better than dried, but you never seem to use as many as you have available, and then you don’t have what you need available, when you need it! Chop up surplus fresh herbs and freeze in ice cube trays.


Despite the fame of frozen yoghurt, everyday household yoghurt often can’t be frozen in the same way. It comes down to the composition of the product – some will freeze fine, but others will lose their smooth consistency. With yoghurt, it’s a matter of trial and error, although kids’ tube yoghurts freeze very well and make for an ideal treat on a hot summer’s day.


This often comes a surprise to many, as other alcoholic drinks such as spirits, can’t always be frozen. Freezing wine is good for two things: those who don’t drink much and only use a little wine for cooking, and those who enjoy very cold wine spritzers on hot days. Wine freezes best at consistently low temperatures in solid door refrigeration units, like those found at https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/solid-door-refrigeration.

Sour cream

Some creams freeze well, but sour cream tends to separate when frozen. Avoid needing to freeze sour cream by buying it in smaller amounts as and when you need it.

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