3 Types of Lawyers To Avoid

The task of trying to find a personal injury lawyer Hernando County FL residents use or a criminal defense attorney for a recent arrest can be daunting. You want to know that the attorney you hired will be working for you, and not just the rest of the office staff showing up at your hearing. As you start your search for a potential attorney, there are a few types of lawyers that you need to avoid.

1. The “I’m Too Busy” Lawyer

A lawyer’s job is to work with the client, even when it comes to answering questions. You will find that some attorneys will distance themselves from their cases, letting paralegals handle consultations, or having the secretary answer questions. You are paying for an attorney, so it is only ethical and right that your attorney returns your calls, shows up in court, and stays involved in the case.

2. The “No Formal Contract” Lawyer

When a layer doesn’t draft up a formal agreement or contract about your case and simply asks for your payment, take a moment to consider what is going on. All attorneys should have a written fee agreement that is acknowledged and understood by the client. This is good protection for both parties. In truth, many insurance companies require that their legal clients have written contracts for all cases.

3. The “Mystery” Lawyer

With all of the digital options for marketing and advertising, finding a lawyer who doesn’t have any reviews or any online presence at all should send up a warning sign. If you have a hard time finding out information about an attorney, you may want to move on to the next name on your list. At the very least, you should be able to read real reviews of the lawyer.

These are a few warning signs that could indicate a potential conflict during your relationship with the attorney. There is a lot at stake with your case, and you can’t afford to trust your information and future with someone who doesn’t care.

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