How To Wear A Female Beret In The Winter?

How To Wear A Female Beret In The Winter?

Beret – one of the mandatory attributes of women’s wardrobe. Properly selected headwear of this type can create a unique image and it is beneficial to emphasize the advantages of its owner. But how to choose and what clothes to wear to take looks amazing? Let’s figure it out.

How To Wear A Female Beret In The Winter?

The lineup

You can wear berets not only in the cold season but also in summer and in demi-season. Products can be very diverse both in style and in terms of materials and decor. Winter models are usually made of fur, drape, felt, wool. In the autumn and spring periods, popular hats made of leather, velvet, cashmere. In the summer it will be comfortable in an openwork or light knit beret.

How To Wear A Female Beret In The Winter?

Berets can be hard, free, flat, voluminous. Often these hats are decorated with rhinestones, beads, pom-poms. Choosing a beret, be guided by your taste and, of course, on the features of your face and color type. So you definitely will not lose.

How to wear a beret?

There are different ways to wear such a product. However, there are general rules for wearing a beret:

  • Headgear should sit freely, without squeezing the skin;
  • The larger the product, the farther from the forehead it should be.

If we talk about how to wear a beret, then you can select only three:

  1. On the back of the head. This option is suitable for women whose hair is longer than the shoulders. Curls should be visible: you should not hide them, it is irrelevant. Particularly advantageous will look the face, additionally framed bangs.
  2. On one side. This way of wearing a beret will give a French chic look. However, make sure that the headgear remains in its proper place, securing it with the help of invisible women of the same shade.
  3. On the forehead. This is a classic way to wear a beret, but it is not very common. It is preferred by ladies with short hair. They pull the product, closing the forehead, and the back of the beret is directed towards the back of the head. However, even in this case, the headdress should not squeeze the head: well, if two fingers are placed between the cap and the head.

How To Wear A Female Beret In The Winter?

Which of the options to wear this headdress to choose, you decide. The main thing is that the chosen model of the beret really suits you, and you look stylish.

What to wear?

Beret can be a great addition to both outerwear and every day and even evening wear. You just need to pick a headdress that would be appropriate in a particular situation.

In winter, berets are especially relevant, because at this time they perform not only the function of an accessory but also warm well. To make the headdress really warm, choose woolen or knitted models. Knitwear can be worn with a jacket, coat, fur coat.

How To Wear A Female Beret In The Winter?

If the beret is a part of a set that also consists of gloves and a scarf, feel free to wear everything together: your image will be completely harmonious. Also, a knitted beret will be an excellent accessory for a thin knitted dress.

A set of wide trousers, a man’s blouse, beautiful looks, complemented by a large-knit beret and a similar scarf. And wool models are combined with thick, warm clothes, including a coat, knitted sweaters.

How To Wear A Female Beret In The Winter?

Taking a gray, black or khaki color perfectly fit into the image in a military style. A blue hat, complemented by a striped vest, bell bottoms, sandals on a steady heel and a bag slung over one shoulder create a fresh marine look.

Summer beret options look good with clothes made in the same style. Thus, an openwork headdress will be a great addition to a light openwork dress.

Felt berets add femininity to the image, so they should be combined with evening looks. Such berets (“pills”) are worn with long exquisite dresses and high heels. In this case, the headdress decor in the form of sequins, brooches, rhinestones and even veils will not be superfluous.

How To Wear A Female Beret In The Winter?

It is easy to create an image in retro style with the help of a beret, if you slide it to one side and bend one edge, covering one ear. Wearing a dress in the style of the 30s and wearing light sandals, you will be irresistible. This is a true female image.

However, instead of a dress and sandals, you can choose a turtleneck, suede skirt, and high boots. So you too will look fashionable and will not go unnoticed.

How To Wear A Female Beret In The Winter?

The beret is considered one of the most versatile hats: it can be combined with a variety of clothes and shoes. However, it is not necessary to complement this product sports kits, as well as images containing jeans and leather kosukha.

If you have a beret in your wardrobe, you have a greater chance to emphasize your originality and create more than one interesting image. Choose hats of various colors and styles, be even brighter and more attractive!

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