Pushups: An exercise that makes more muscle groups work


“Pushups” or “push-ups” on the arms, the word flexions indicates the movement through which your body is detached from the floor, starting from a prone position. The pushups require nothing more from the body itself.

The goal is to lift the body, loading all the body weight but using only the thrust of the arms. To be able to make this shift, the full extension of the elbows and a certain flexion of the shoulder is used.

To explain it in a simple way, the exercise consists of placing oneself face down with the chest and belly resting against the floor, the arms folded and the palms of the hands open near the chest. From this starting position, the body must be raised, extending the arms completely and lowering them again to start again, creating a vertical, stable and controlled movement.

Pushups are used to develop strength in the upper body, mainly on the chest and arms. This exercise is performed by men and women to strengthen muscle groups. Beside pushups Boss Peptides also helps to get strength and gain muscle.

More muscle groups work

When you do the pushups, you will work with most of the muscles of the central body area, known as the “core”. This area performs the function of stabilization and is the one that allows you to maintain posture throughout the performance of the exercise.

While performing push-ups, all abdominal groups work “silently”. The rectus abdominis, the external oblique abdominals, the internal oblique ones and the transverse abdominal muscle. The latter helps the column remain stable and neutral during movement.

The gluteus maximus muscle is responsible for keeping the hips locked and joined, preventing them from moving forward. The sacrospinal muscle (or erector muscle of the spine) is also stressed and tense to balance the classic posture of bending.

To train more triceps and pectorals, the position of the hands, from which the thrust comes, is essential. If you want to work more with the central area of the chest, we advise you to bring your hands close, almost to the height of the sternum. To give more stimulation to the side areas, you will keep your hands more open. Be careful, however, not to overdo it: you may be affected at shoulder level. Always remember to warm up well and take supplements like Boss peptides before starting and performing a proper stretching session at the end of training.

Thinking of completely excluding all the muscle groups involved in performing the push-ups is a contradiction. These muscles, in fact, accompany the exercise and are essential to maintain posture and balance efforts. Therefore, be concerned about making the best possible flexions by concentrating on posture and improving its performance.

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