June 10, 2023
How To Sewing A Pirate Costume For Boys?

Going to a celebration, children like no other love to dress up beautifully. Of all the fabulous or historical characters, boys often give priority to the image of the pirate, unpredictable and dangerous. And this is not surprising: a shocking and bright role will allow the child to stand out on any occasion, regardless of its orientation. However, not every mother has a masterful sewing skill and enchanting fantasy necessary for making an interesting outfit with her own hands. The following instructions with examples and photos of all stages of sewing will help not to turn the creation of a children’s pirate costume into a parental headache. In the process can be involved both improvised and pre-purchased materials.

How To Sewing A Pirate Costume For Boys?

Materials and equipment

To make a costume by hand, you need to prepare:

  • Old children’s trousers or material for their tailoring;
  • Unnecessary T-shirt, vest, vest or fabric to cut;
  • Scissors, thread with a needle and a ruler;
  • Pirate’s headdress or textiles and cardboard to create it;
  • Empty plastic cups, foil, and other available tools for the manufacture of accessories.

Top of a suit: pirate shirt and vest

Of course, the most convenient way to prepare a suit will be to pick up something typical of a child’s wardrobe. For this you need to look at the image of a pirate: he can be very multifaceted. An ordinary plain T-shirt, elegant shirt or a vest is perfect for a suit. They can be decorated with lace jabot, a stylized skull, and bone-shaped stripes and even worn dented to maintain the image negligence.

In the absence of suitable clothes in the children’s wardrobe, you can sew a t-shirt for a pirate costume on your own. This will require:

  1. Choose a fabric of the appropriate color (white, red, burgundy, checkered or striped).
  2. Measure the chest girth, the boy’s shoulder length and determine the size of the future product.
  3. Cut out the details of the T-shirt according to the pattern below and sew them together.

To make a shirt that matches the image of a pirate, you can draw torn edges on the bottom or even leave the seams untreated. If the thing is intended solely for the costume, you can make small holes directly on the canvas or paint traces of pirate costume activity on it with the help of a red watercolor.

To maintain the style over a shirt, it is better to wear a dark vest. It can be made from an old children’s jacket, simply by cutting off the sleeves, or sewn from any thick fabric according to the above pattern, without bending the front part, but dividing it into 2 parts in the middle. The edges of the product, as in the shirt, you cannot handle. It is also better to decorate a vest with appropriate stripes.

How To Sewing A Pirate Costume For Boys?

Bottom of the costume: pirate costume pants

Old and scruffy children’s jeans are ideal for trousers, even with torn pockets and knees. It is allowed to use silk trousers, dark leggings or even textile breeches that are available in the wardrobe of each boy. With appropriate clothing, it is easy to adjust it to the desired image: cut and trim edges, sew patches, rub the denim fabric with a pumice stone or fine-grained emery paper.

However, you can also make pants for a suit from scrap materials:

  1. Layout 2 pieces of fabric, bent in half.
  2. From above, fold in half any jeans that fit the child in size.
  3. Circling the pattern, leaving a small allowance.
  4. Cut the resulting parts and stitch them together.
  5. The upper edges of the pants bend and insert the gum.

In the manufacture of pirate costume pants, you can use the universal pattern. To do this, you will need to determine the parameters of the product, measuring the waist and leg of the boy outside and inside. Then cut out the corresponding parts from red, black or striped fabric and sew them. Bottom, as in a shirt, it is better to leave unprocessed.

To improve the pants, making the image more harmonious, will help the belt. It can be replaced with a dark-colored children’s scarf or cut from a long and thin piece of striped fabric. The belt is better to decorate with gold coins. He should just be tied at the waist of a small pirate on top of his pants.

Pirate shoes can be absolutely anyone, ranging from Czech and ending with sneakers. The ideal solution, of course, would be high rubber boots, helping to avoid moisture on the ship. But they can be replaced by a more convenient option, corresponding to the weather. And so that the shoes harmonize with the role, you just need to supplement it with high leggings.

Mandatory accessories for a pirate costume

As practice shows, to create the desired image for the boy is quite easy. To do this, you only need to pick up or sew simple elements of clothing with your own hands, adhering to the only rule: make the costume bright and as careless as possible. But the manufacture of accessories for the pirate will have to pay a little more attention.

An integral attribute of the costume is a headdress. It can be replaced by a small bandana with a pirate patch or even a wig made from dreadlocks. But when using such accessories, it is important to ensure that they do not interfere with the boy during the games at the festival.

To create a real pirate hat will have to try a little more:

  • Prepare a pattern corresponding to the volume of the boy’s head.
  • Circle the blank on black cardboard.
  • Finish the front with a paper jabot.
  • Design, cut and paste the pirate emblem.
  • Securely fasten the edges with a stapler, glue or tape.

In the absence of black cardboard in the house, you can replace it with a regular, sheathed black fabric. To add a natural look, decorate the hat with feathers.

A pirate costume can also be added:

  • A black bandage on one eye;
  • Mounted on the shoulder of a parrot;
  • A hook formed from foil;
  • Clips;
  • Rings;

In order for the boy to have the opportunity to fully entertain himself at the feast and have his friends trolled, you need to hand him a prop: a small treasure chest, a bag with coins, a map of the area, binoculars, a revolver or a sword.

How To Sewing A Pirate Costume For Boys?

Not be superfluous and applying a light pirated makeup. To maintain the image you will need to highlight your eyes, draw eyebrows and draw characteristic mustaches. Such addition, undoubtedly, will lead the boy to complete delight!

Psychologists recommend that the child adapts to the role assigned to him, allowing him to wear the suit at home in a relaxed atmosphere. Let him admire his reflection in the mirror, make his head and understand exactly how he will look at the holiday. Only then the celebration will be truly memorable and interesting!

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