5 Good Reasons to Exercise

5 Good Reasons to Exercise

You certainly know that doing sports or doing physical activity is good for you, but you may not know all the reasons. Can you also hesitate to embark on a real exercise program? The motivation is indeed not always easy to find … We have listed for you 5 good reasons to exercise that should help you or convince you. We bet?

What are the reasons for exercising?

Exercise improves sleep5 Good Reasons to Exercise

Do you have trouble falling asleep, are subject to frequent awakenings, sleep disturbances and nocturnal activities? So try the sport. Both the duration and the quality of your sleep will be improved durable with a complete sports activity. In fact, sports tires the body and rest become a necessity for the latter. A workout helps to sleep better because of fatigue related to physical activity. Just be careful not to do this activity too late in the day. Over time, as you become more confident and progress, a good quality of sleep should continue. The sport will mobilize your energy and regulate your activity.

Physical exercise fights diabetes and prevents cancer5 Good Reasons to Exercise

Exercise means energy expenditure, and therefore reduces the risk of diabetes. Be careful, a sport is not the ultimate cure for diabetes. He is an ally to help you prevent diabetes especially if you have other risk factors such as being overweight, high blood pressure or family history. The good regular physical activity allows you to limit fat in your liver, and thus prevent certain metabolic disturbances. Ditto for cancer: Many studies have demonstrated the positive impact of sport on cancer prevention (or even to facilitate healing). The statistics are also formal: Practicing a sports activity would reduce the risk of cancer (cancer of the colon, breast, prostate, and lung in particular) by almost 25%!

Exercise makes you smarter5 Good Reasons to Exercise

There is a correlation between physical activity and intellectual performance. Attention, we do not speak of IQ and absolute intelligence, but of the positive effect that sport plays on the faculties to think, act, decide. From this point of view, the physical activity is good: the transport of oxygen in the body, reinforced by the sport, helps to develop the good health of the organism, and especially of our brain! Better, some sports that require logic or management, such as endurance sports, develop thinking skills and logic. No need to get into a sport too complex! Jogging practiced regularly is enough. The neuronal connections will develop as you progress.

Physical exercise sweeps prevents cancer

5 Good Reasons to Exercise

To limit the symptoms of anxiety and depression, the sport would be a valuable asset. Being in good physical shape makes it possible to compensate for certain changes or variations in personal and professional life. Sport is also a source of balance. It develops mental health and moral health. Exceeding oneself, improving oneself, working on one’s body is a way of moving forward and moving forward and escaping depression. Another beneficial action of sport on mental health when you play sports, the brain secretes a molecule called endorphin that helps you maintain or develop a better psychological balance. Endorphin is naturally produced by the brain and acts as an anti-stress and anti-depressant. Its rate increases gradually and reaches its peak around 45 minutes after the start of an effort.

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Exercise helps digestion

Let’s end this list of 5 good reasons to exercise for a purely physical reason: physical activity aids digestion. The intestinal transit is accelerated by the physical activity, this one thus limiting the time of presence of the food in the intestine. As a result, the energy absorption decreases. You spend while improving your transit without even realizing it. We recommend ideally both for your workout and for better digestion to eat a banana around 20 minutes before the effort.

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