Have a more sustainable home

Living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle has become increasingly important. Every citizen, government, and nation is responsible for protecting the planet so future generations can enjoy and lead healthy lives. Here are some handy tips for making your home greener and leading a more sustainable lifestyle:

  1. Don’t waste water

We’ve all heard the advice, but do we put it into practice? The average household uses thousands of gallons of water yearly and wastes enormous amounts without realising it. Try simple methods such as changing your shower head to a low-flow design, constantly turning the water off when brushing teeth, not flushing until you need to, and seeing to any leaking pipes.

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  1. Always recycle what you can

As well as recycling your waste, purchase products made from recycled materials such as toilet rolls and shopping bags. Use rechargeable batteries instead of one-time-use batteries, and consider getting a compost bin for recycling food waste in a valuable and environmentally-friendly way.

  1. Use sustainable materials

Choose materials from sustainable sources when you want to replace furniture or do any work on your property. Also, choose materials that benefit the environment, such as oak or other timber. When renovating or extending your property, choose natural materials to enhance your home. For Timber Frame Manufacturers, consider merlintimberframe.co.uk/

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  1. Use power strips and turn them off at night

Use a power strip to connect all your electronic devices like TV and Sky Box or computer and printer. Switch the power off to the strip, thus turning everything off that’s related. This will help reduce your energy bills and be better for the environment by preventing any unnecessary electrical draw during the night.

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