Choose Vintage Furniture over Contemporary

Furniture is one of the biggest areas of investment you can make to transform a house into a home and to say something about your own personality and style. Going vintage has, perhaps surprising, several benefits over modern furniture, so here’s a look at the top five.

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It’s One of a Kind

Unlike modern bulk-produced furniture that’s often flat-packed and bought off a shelf, vintage pieces are one of a kind. Attention to detail, unique touches and individual attention have been given to each piece. In addition, it will have been used and passed through generations, so each item has a piece of history and heritage attached to it.

It’s a Quality Investment

Authentic vintage is typically between 30 and 100 years old, made from quality materials with expert craftsmanship. Pieces were built to last, which isn’t often said about contemporary furniture.

In addition to aesthetics, pieces generally offer space-saving and practical benefits around the home, from extending dining tables to spacious sideburns and sumptuous leather sofas.

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Pieces Can Be Very Valuable

Brands and designer-made pieces can strike gold when it comes to sales, such as those from the sixties and seventies by Italian and Danish designers going for upwards of £8,000, and popular brands at the time, like Ercol and G-Plan, also being incredibly valuable. Even non-branded, unusual and classic pieces can still be worth a pretty penny due to vintage being so on trend.

They Can Be More Budget-Friendly Than Anticipated

Vintage can often be more purse-friendly than many would imagine. For authentic vintage, you will be buying a used product, and this will generally be cheaper than a lot of modern furniture from brands on the high street or furniture that is custom-made.

Vintage Is Timeless

Despite the changing face of contemporary design and style in the 21st century, vintage has retained a special foothold in the market. It’s been duplicated and updated over the years, but it has maintained its popularity, spurring many vintage-inspired trends, while classic furniture is still considered chic and effortlessly distinctive.

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