Rapid speed of fabrication when it comes to tensile structures

Speed is not generally associated with building, but a tension fabric structure can be erected much more rapidly than a traditional edifice. Rather than taking years, construction of this type could take place in a matter of weeks, with the process more one of installation.

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Minimal elements

One of the benefits of the tensile structure is simplicity. It has few components and once the parts have been manufactured and delivered to the site, erection can happen quickly. The components benefit from contemporary design and flexible solutions to ensure the smooth delivery of the finished product. With a light carbon footprint, such structures may even incorporate solar energy.

Step by step

The team putting up the tensile structure should be experienced in preparing solid foundations. Tools and materials need to be coordinated at this point, with the initial stage also includes an analysis of the building site and an inventory of equipment. Safety measures are then put in place, along with any barricades needed for the protection of property, workers and the public.

The site must be inspected to confirm that all interfaces the structure will adhere to are suitable. A surveyor may have already ascertained this, in which case preparation may simply require putting fasteners in place that have been set to the correct dimensions or elevations.

A variety of steel components, including strand cables or wire rope, are installed in the following phase to support the membrane of the structure. The membrane goes on next, either hoisted up from ground level or spread out in the air supported by ropes or belts, which will be later removed. The structure is then detailed and the final touches are completed before an inspection and a client walk-through are conducted.

Gaining popularity

Construction of this type is becoming more common as companies invest in this technology and a number of Tensile Fabric Structures from Spatial Structures.  Thesecompanies have built some amazing architectural feats and are worth looking into for your next business location.   A report from design magazine Dezeen describes how architects used these techniques on a facade for an EU meeting site.

Easy to build, stylish and infinitely adaptable to location, Tensile Fabric Structures have much to recommend them. With constant innovation, this type of building will play a significant part in the future of construction.

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