The N.H.S. Guidance for dealing with the spillage of Cytotoxic and Anti-Cancer Drug

Published on the 28th of September 2017, the official West Midlands, Clinical Networks and Clinical Senate document on behalf of the N.H.S. set out clearly the defined guidance for dealing with a Cytotoxic and Anti-Cancer Drug spillage. This document included the spillage of monoclonals, on fabrics, hard surfaces, clothing, skin and into eyes. This important guidance even included where such kits should be stored and what training to give to anybody using one. This document is so crucial to staff safety that it must be reviewed and revised every three years.

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Chemical Spill Kits are part and parcel of most factories, workshops, dockyards and motor vehicle garages and contain essential equipment to contain, control and clean up most hazardous and chemical spills. And are supplied by such companies as  The term Cytotoxic refers to any drug that is considered toxic to human body cells and the document covers all staff that may encounter such a potentially fatal medication. All nursing and medical staff who might administer Cytotoxic drugs, any pharmaceutical staff who may handle the drug and even porters who may transport the drug.

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The contents of this specific Spill Kit should contain, filtered face respirators, absorbent towels and pads, disposable Nitrile gloves, Chemo protect gowns, safety glasses, overshoes, plastic aprons, armlets, Cytotoxic waste bags, Sodium Bicarbonate, a one litre bottle of sterile water, a warning sign and a copy of the spillage policy.

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