The best fictional screen therapists

Therapy and the need for it was a subject that was never really addressed in TV shows of the past. If a character had a mental episode they generally disappeared for a few weeks, partly because the actor needed a break or wanted to act in something else. However that was all about to change with the appearance of Doctor Melfi in The Sopranos. Unlike previous shows we were going to be shown what a therapy session was going to involve. It proved to be riveting watching, especially when the subject having the therapy was a vicious mobster like Tony Soprano. She certainly would have needed to attend Mental Health Training Courses like those from to be able to keep up with him.

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Other notable therapists are Dr Wayne in Mad Men. The stylish and fashionable conscious series showcased the help that Don Draper’s wife Betty needed. Considering she was living with Don Draper that’s understandable. However true to form in the Sixties, Doctor Wayne is quite happy to break confidentiality and tell Don what’s been discussed between himself and her.

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Finally, one of the best has to be Robin Williams portrayal of Sean Maguire the therapist that helps Will Hunting to become the best version of himself and leave Boston’s South side to explore the USA in pursuit of his love Skylar played by Minnie Driver. The film was criminally overlooked for a best picture Oscar but Williams did win best supporting actor for the part of Maguire and deservedly so. He anchors the film and shows his dramatic side as he befriends Will and becomes the closest thing he has to a father figure.

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