The year for self-employed and entrepreneurs


Are you okay? Are you going to really to the point? Not only in business, as an independent, but also in “real life”.Things that we have not seen at all, with which we have not necessarily reckoned and opportunities we should use. Because it goes around anyway, you can also push the accelerator pedal and release the handbrake.

I’m going to gas – I want to be fun

Who does not wake up now and finally does what has long been announced, looks old? Old insofar as the changes then just happen with “violence” and we are only carried away by the stream of life. What does not feel as good as the new things themselves to shape and take into the hand itself.

So: high with the ass! (Sorry to the sensitive readers, but can occur more often) Get out of the comfort zone! Pump up the volume Go

Sounds hard, but I almost need these kicks. Here I am like a lame horse or a serene dog. I need clear announcements. No: “oh, would you please …, could you possibly …, it makes you what if you …” Does not bring with me.

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If it is the same then you are right hereentrepreneurs

I would like to share my experiences (good times, bad times), tell you my experiences, offer my solutions. So you can spare many detours and stumbling blocks. Shorten your learning curve. Support your dream to find and live. Make the world a bit better. Raise awareness and awaken.

My tips go from “how do I manage my bookkeeping, how to find the right store”, “I want to open an online shop”, “how to calculate my prices” about “how to find out what I really want”, ” How do I stick with criticism “to” what to do when I am overburdened “” I have a creative crisis – what now “and even” what is the meaning of my life “?


In order to answer these questions and much more which will burn you under the nails, I will use my experiences and tried and tested exercises. It can also be spiritual. Spiritual in the sense of how does the universe work, what are the rules we need to know, what I can do for my soul’s peace.

Spirituality has always been a topic for me. Many things between heaven and earth, which we can not explain, are nevertheless real and influence us and our lives. Everything is energy. And everything is influenced by each other. For me, this is not a hocus-pocus, but experienced knowledge.

Do not worry – I will not swing the dowsing rod or quote from the Bible. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion and esoterism. No Woohoo, ghosts or summon water wheels.


I have always noticed that my thoughts have a huge impact on my reality. I know that we are controlled by over 90% of the subconscious, so I use these facts and work to improve my thinking and listen to my belly. He knows what is good and right for me.

The mind – which is usually also a small schussed – more often times off and MAKE.

You gain experience in making, not in thinkingentrepreneurs

So I want to make. And I do. Dancing on different weddings and when something new is on the doorstep, I am quick to inspire. I want to experience something!

Constantly doing the same, sticking to one thing, days which always look the same that is an abomination to me. I need action, I want to learn, I want to develop more and more, I want to change the world. I want to be happy.

It is a good year to start new and to make new experiences. To set up new procedures, to introduce old concepts, to introduce new concepts, to redefine oneself.

We still have more than the remaining two months time, which is clear. But who I am just wondering that it is so wild, is guaranteed that the synonymous still colorful continues. So long until we make more of our business and live ours.

To our very own. Where we show who we are. Take our needs into account, live our values. Where everything is harmonious and flowing. Where loving customers come in, it rains, we have fun at work and we feel really comfortable and in the right place.

I would like to work with you

I am happy about your personal opinions and suggestions. I would like to be able to benefit from the experiences and experiences of the other independent women here.

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