Tips for Your Diesel Engine to Last a Lifetime

We all want a new, state-of-the-art car with too many horses and, of course, all the extras. What is the problem of all this, its maintenance, fundamental, because not following it and neglecting this jewel may mean more than a broken pocket. Today we are going to give some little tricks so that the engine, the heart of your precious car, lasts forever.

Follow the maintenance plan of your car

The car is like everything in this life, it carries instructions manual and if you do not follow it, the experiment may not finish well. That is why it is important to follow the maintenance plan that comes with it to know the details about the spare parts to use, the type of oil or how often you have to check the car. So if you do not want the engine to suffer avoidable breakdowns you must respect the holy book.

Do not stop the engine immediately

You should not stop the engine immediately, especially if you have been driving in the last five minutes by motorway or you have just climbed a port. It would be advisable to give the engine at least one minute for the hot oil accumulated in the turbine to be lowered, as it can carbonize and end up breaking the turbo.

Do not leave the deposit to a minimum

You may like to rush the reservation but it is advisable not to leave the deposit to a minimum. If the tank is run out, the fuel impurities that accumulate in the bottom can pass to the feed system and damage the injectors or the injection pump. If this happens you will notice jerks and lack of performance.

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You do not rest when

If you need gas, but when you see that a tanker is recharging the tanks, do not stop, pass by and look for another gas station. At that time you may get impurities and moisture in the tank and if this happens you could damage the injection system.

Although the service stations are prohibited from selling fuel until it has been an hour since the recharging of the tanks, it is good to have this information in case we have a clueless one.

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 Check oil level

Remember, the oil level never at a very low but not very high level, we all know that the excesses were never good. Overfilling the oil tank can damage the turbo or blow over pressure hoses and have it below the minimum can cause a fault in the engine itself.

To avoid this it is advisable to check the oil every month, in plain and with the engine cold, and see that it is between the maximum and the minimum. If you have to fill it with the same oil.

Wait 10 seconds for the engine to warm up

Before starting to circulate, if the engine is cold, it is advisable to give it about 10 seconds of idling to make sure that the oil pump has had enough time for the oil to start lubricating the entire engine. Do not accelerate too hard or exceed 2,500 / 3,000 rpm during the first 7 or 8 minutes as this will contribute to the internal wear of the engine parts.

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