Compensation for Delayed Flight or What to Do If Your Flight Is Delayed / Canceled

Did you know that if your flight is canceled or delayed, then you are entitled not only to certain bonuses like hot meals but in some cases, monetary compensation for the delay in the flight? If not, then read it until the end – I’ll tell you about the rights that every passenger has.

Small flight delays occur quite often, but as a rule they do not cause significant inconvenience, and long-term events occur, however, infrequently (in my memory we only had to spend once at the airport, waiting for the departure of 5 hours), but nevertheless it is useful to know about our rights in this situation.

If you know about basic things like phone calls, food and drinks, many people know about the monetary compensation for the delay of the flight (up to $600), which very few people know in certain cases – and what we are talking about, we found out just recently. So, let’s fix a few situations – in what situations and what you are supposed to.

You were informed of the cancellation or significant delay in the flight when you arrived at the airport

Keep calm and try to understand the causes of the incident. First, find the airline representatives and ask them for the reason for the delay/cancellation. These people can be found at reception desks or directly near your exit. If you cannot find anyone – contact the airline through the hotline.

Record your communication with the airline, if possible. Take a few photos with the schedule, where the departure time is indicated – in the future this can simplify the receipt of compensation for the delay in the flight.

Be sure to keep your boarding pass. This is confirmation of your check-in for the flight!

Regardless of the reason, the airline must provide you with comfortable waiting conditions and one of the following options for resolving the current situation (in Russia according to 99 and 227 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, in the EU in accordance with EU Regulation 261).

  • Alternative transport to the final destination at the first opportunity.
  • Rebooking at a later date convenient for you, taking into account availability of available seats (at the same time, the airline’s obligation to provide assistance and accommodation is terminated).
  • Reimbursement of the ticket for 7 days, as well as returning you to the starting point of the route, if further continuation of the trip does not make sense (applies to delays longer than 5 hours).

If you decide to wait for the flight, ask the airline for:

After 2 hours of waiting

  • Soft drinks and cold snacks/snacks (hereinafter the airline must provide drinks and meals every 3-4 hours).
  • 2 phone calls or the ability to send an email/fax.
  • Provision of a room for mother and child (for parents with children under 7 years old).

After 4 hours of delay

  • Hot food (hereinafter every 6 hours).

If you need to wait for the next flight 8 hours in the daytime and 6 hours – in the night:

  • Accommodation at the hotel for the time of delay.
  • Transfer to the accommodation and back to the airport.

If the airline categorically refuses to provide these amenities, you can use your own funds and require the airline to compensate for the delay in the flight and refund the money after the trip (accommodation in the suite and lobsters you, of course, do not compensate, at least if you fly in economy class).

You were denied boarding because of overbooking

If you register for a flight, and you are told that all seats are already occupied, then you are facing overbooking (the case when more tickets are sold on the flight that can accommodate the airplane).

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The rights that a passenger has in the event of a refusal to land due to overbooking are absolutely the same as in the case of cancellation of a flight (see above):

  • Alternative transport, rebooking at a later date or refund.
  • Food, communication, and accommodation at the hotel.

How to receive up to $600 in compensation for delay or cancellation of a flight

If you are informed of the delay/cancellation of the flight at the airport, or less than 14 days before the date of departure, or you were denied boarding, then in addition to the amenities that the airline must provide, you are entitled to $600 compensation.

What should I do to receive compensation?

Determine if your flight is eligible for compensation for the delay in the flight.

In accordance with Regulation EC 261, which operates in the airspace of the European Union, a passenger can be charged from $250 to $600 compensation in the event:

  • Flight delays more than 3 hours.
  • Flight cancellation.
  • Failure to land due to overbooking.
  • Delays for transplantation due to the delay of the first segment (the total delay to the destination should be at least 3 hours).
  • It is necessary that the flight should belong to the jurisdiction of the EU or Turkey, in other words, the flight must be carried out:
  • European airline (with the exception of flights that are completely outside the EU),
  • from the EU any airline.
  • Turkish airline (except for flights that run completely outside Turkey),
  • from Turkey by any airline.
  • You are entitled to compensation for the delay in the flight in the event that the delay or cancellation occurred through the fault of the airline. The reasons that can be considered the fault of the airline:
  • All kinds of technical malfunctions.
  • The Late arrival of the vessel.
  • The Late check of the vessel.

In the event that the reason is unfavorable weather conditions, the strike of air personnel or other force majeure circumstances, compensation is not paid.

The period of limitation of the flight for which you can expect compensation is 2 to 6 years (depending on the country of departure).

Gather the necessary documents

  • Flight details: itinerary, flight number, and date.
  • Booking number (required for almost all airlines).

Boarding pass, ticket or letter about booking a flight (document confirming that you have purchased a ticket).

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Then you can either independently apply with a pre-trial claim to the airline and most likely prepare for a lawsuit, or contact the company Compensation, which is an intermediary in resolving such issues. They will be engaged in the preparation and execution of all necessary documents, communicate with the airline and, if necessary, represent your interests in court.

The most interesting thing is that the Compensation services are paid only if you receive compensation for the delay in the flight if during the last 6 years you have had delays or cancellations of European flights – it makes sense to try to get some money, in any case, you do not lose anything🙂

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