Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – Why You Should Invest in One

A wheelchair accessible vehicle can be a valuable asset for a disabled family member. It provides greater freedom and allows them to get out and about more often. Whether going to the shops, travelling to school or enjoying a concert or holiday, a wheelchair accessible vehicle is a liberating investment for those with limited mobility and their caregivers. For a range of WAV Vehicles, take a look at https://clarkemobility.com

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It is a serious decision to find the best vehicle for your needs and it’s a decision that will have a lasting impact on the user and their family and/or caregivers. It is important to carefully assess your family’s unique needs, explore different vehicle sizes and types, consider accessibility features, budget, research dealerships and manufacturers, and test drive potential vehicles.

Time should be taken to make an informed purchasing decision, and to find the best wheelchair accessible vehicle for your individual needs and lifestyle. When looking around and doing your research, be sure to ask the dealer about hidden fees such as the warranty, any service fees and anything else that might not be obvious.

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Consider the cost of owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle over time. As well as the original cost of the vehicle, consider if future modifications might be required. For example, a wheelchair lift or ramp will require periodic servicing. Understanding the financial implications of owning this type of vehicle means being aware that vehicles decrease in value over time.

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