Top gardening accessories and why you need them

Gardening is a fun outdoor hobby that gives people the chance to connect with nature while they relax. Gardening has even been found to help reduce stress, so it is definitely a good hobby to pick up!

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If you love gardening, here are some of the best garden accessories that you can pick up.

A Cultivator

A cultivator is a gardening tool with metal prongs on one end. The standard cultivator comes with three prongs, but you can buy cultivators with more or fewer prongs. They are ideal for pulling out weeds, mixing fertilizer and turning soil so that plants can grow.

Soil Knife

You’ve heard of most knives, but have you heard of a soil knife? A soil knife has a durable serrated steel blade and one smooth edge, and it can be used as a saw, a knife, a small digging tool or even a ruler for measuring. How handy!

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A trowel is the perfect tool for moving plants around, and it can also be used to smooth soil after planting, so it is ideal for anyone who grows lots of flowers in their garden.

A Modern Water Hose

A watering can is useful for watering plants, but a proper hose can be used to water the whole garden, which is very useful when you realise that the combined area of all of Britain’s domestic gardens is about the same as all of Somerset!

There are lots of different hoses for you to choose from, including soaker hoses and modern silicone hoses that tend to be more durable than older models. If you are looking for an online silicone hose manufacturer, check out Goodflex Rubber manufacture silicone hoses for a wide range of options.

Gardening Shoes

Some people just use an old pair of trainers for gardening, but this can soon result in damp, cold feet! If you can relate to this, you may want to invest in some gardening shoes, as they are normally made from plastic or rubber. This means that they are waterproof, and it will be easier for you to walk on mud without slipping.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are essential for gardeners who spend all of time on their knees as they help to protect your knees from damage – and they help to add a little comfort!

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