Climbing frames and the benefits they can bring your family

Allowing your child to take some risks is a great way of building their confidence and resilience, although it can be difficult to let go of the instinct to be protective. This is where a family climbing frame in the garden can be ideal, allowing children to explore their boundaries in a safe environment with minimal supervision from you.

Climbing frames and the benefits they can bring your family

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Test your limits

The most obvious benefit of a climbing frame is the unparalleled opportunities for physical exercise it offers. Climbing is amazing exercise for growing children, building every muscle in the body whilst honing fine motor skills. For honing coordination, balance and agility, nothing beats a climbing frame; therefore, you should encourage your children to climb from infancy.

Exercise for the brain

The climbing frame not only exercises the physical body but also exercises your child’s problem-solving skills and fine tunes their awareness. Feelings of mild fear and risk give way to motivation and reward when they solve the puzzle and slide to the ground, unleashing feel-good endorphins. By negotiating the climbing frame and being responsible for their own safety, children begin to learn their limitations and how to look after themselves in other potentially risky situations.

Climbing frames and the benefits they can bring your family 2

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Choosing the best climbing frame

Although plastic climbing frames may be more affordable, a wooden climbing frame is more durable and aesthetically pleasing, blending into your garden and giving years of climbing pleasure to your growing family. Wooden climbing frames from a trusted supplier such as will come with a full guarantee and be flexible enough to suit the needs of your garden, from a simple swing and slide set to a full-scale treetop jungle gym!

Unleash the imagination

Where you see a climbing frame, your child will see a castle or a rocket. This type of imaginative play is crucial for your child’s development, as are the benefits of playing outdoors. A wooden climbing frame gives you the best of both worlds and it is very likely that you will find your child is desperate to share their games and achievements with you. If you are worried about your child falling, add a soft mat or play bark to allow your child all the fun and freedom of a climbing frame.

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