We Choose Women’s Shorts. Council Of Stylists.

We Choose Women's Shorts. Council Of Stylists.

Here already comes the calendar summer of 2018! A special place, already long and firmly in the women’s wardrobe borrowed from men, shorts. Women’s shorts have always been a comfortable and comfortable option for clothes, and this season they are very relevant. Now the shorts are so fashionable that they can be found both in the office and on the beach and even at parties or celebrations. In a word, women’s shorts are very popular and fashionable this season. Modern fashion designers and designers offer a wide selection of women’s shorts for every taste and color.We Choose Women's Shorts. Council Of Stylists.

Women’s shorts are made from various fabrics, from natural to modern, synthetic, from genuine leather and leatherette. An interesting color or shade of any color can be easily selected. The shorts on the female figure always looked sexy and fascinating, they emphasized the beautiful female legs and the slenderness of the female figure. Choosing women’s shorts, you always need to take into account the features of the figure, it is important that the selected shorts emphasize all its advantages. In connection with a wide variety of shorts, they should be chosen according to their destination, ie what places they are planned to attend. There is another significant advantage for women’s shorts, it is easy to combine other items of women’s wardrobe with them. With a skillful combination, you can always look perfect, you can create images from office, city, to the beach.

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Actual women’s shorts.

Model shorts with high waist, such shorts are made of light, breathable fabrics, they are very comfortable and comfortable, the color range is very diverse, from calm tones to ultra-bright ones.

Short shorts and breeches-a model of short shorts provides slightly open buttocks, these models are relevant for young girls. Shorts knee and slightly above the knee, preferable to the fairer sex more modest. Women’s shorts-Bermuda is very relevant in this summer season.

Shorts-nikers are very similar to trousers, this model is a short knee-length short, the bottom shorts are tied to a string or ribbon, the shorts of the cyepons have a trapezoidal cut and are able to turn the most ordinary woman into a romantic and avid fashion.We Choose Women's Shorts. Council Of Stylists.

Shorts of jeans-such shorts are unimaginable; they can have different lengths and finishes, such as various ruffles made of lace, beads, rhinestone, rivets, embroidery, etc. Also, jeans shorts can be very short with unshrouded edges and denude the buttocks.

Shorts, overalls, this model of women’s shorts is always in fashion and will never come out of it.

Also in fashion shorts made of genuine leather and leatherette, these shorts of different length, thanks to modern technology, the skin color can be anything from black to bright colors.

Shorts on the figure.

When choosing a short, one should always remember all the possibilities of the figure, the shorts should sit on the figure transforming it and in no way disfiguring it. It is also worth trying on more than one model of women’s shorts, in order to see the advantages of this or that model. It is worth remembering a few common rules:

  • Shorts in a sports style will be suitable for women and girls who have slender legs and a beautiful, narrow waist.
  • Girls of fragile and lean physique, shorts with applications, large drawings will suit. The style is desirable with cuffs, medium-full.
  • For solid ladies, the Bermuda shorts that are so relevant in this season will suit.
  • Women’s shorts stitched from fabric with a vertical print, it will be beneficial to look at miniature women or girls. Vertical print will visually add growth, and the presence in the form of the short overstretched waist will visually extend the legs.

We Choose Women's Shorts. Council Of Stylists.How to choose women’s shorts.

Choosing shorts should adhere to one “golden” rule. Shorts should ideally “sit” on a figure, it is not necessary to choose that in a fashion.

Shorts should be of appropriate length, how to determine it? It is necessary to stand in front of a full-length mirror, hands to stretch along the trunk, on the point where this fingertip ends, and this is your ideal length of shorts.

It is necessary to stop the choice of shorts sewed from natural, “breathing” fabrics. In the summer season, shorts made of these fabrics will help you feel comfortable and comfortable.We Choose Women's Shorts. Council Of Stylists.

Selected shorts should always match the size. They should not “pinch” movements and create discomfort when walking.

Always pay attention to the pockets located on the shorts. They must match the figure, so the presence of large pockets in the shorts model will add an extra kilogram shape.

Always worth choosing women’s shorts straight cut, in such shorts, will always be comfortable and comfortable.

Also choosing a color short, it is necessary to adhere to monochrome colors, this will allow a much greater combination of colors with other items of the wardrobe.

And the last rule. Never make shorts yourself from old jeans by cutting them. Such shorts will never ideally “sit” on the figure.

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When choosing women’s shorts, do not forget to inspect them for quality. All seams should be carefully processed. If the shorts are provided with zippers, rivets and another decor, check for strength.

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