Biker Style In Clothes For Women

Biker Style In Clothes For Women

Contrary to popular belief, not all representatives of the tender sex like feminine romantic outfits. Many girls prefer bold and brutal clothing, sustained, for example, in a biker style. Not surprisingly, while creating their new collections, eminent designers saw in purely masculine attributes (jackets, belts, glovelette gloves, pants, coarse Cossack boots, vests), who have nothing to do with fashion, unique, Unique and damnably attractive, which made these things popular among millions of fashion.

Biker Style In Clothes For Women

Key features

To look extraordinary and bold, it is not necessary to thoroughly study the features of this brutal direction. It is enough to follow the key aspects of the selection of things in the current direction today:

  • the color palette is black, gray, metallic, dark khaki, blue, chamois and any other shades of beige;
  • fabrics – leather, including lacquer, knitwear, denim;
  • decorative elements – any metal fittings (zippers, buckles, spikes, chains, buttons, rivets), as well as all kinds of chevrons;
  • Shoes – high biker boots with ribbed soles, berets, platform shoes, sneakers, stylish martins shoes (MARTENS). The main thing is as much as possible straps, buckles, metal trim.

Biker Style In Clothes For Women

Thus, the main purpose of any piece of clothing – durability, functionality, maximum protection from injury with a possible fall. However, if a girl does not belong to the biker community, then such utilities do not solve any utilitarian tasks. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

The main detail of the biker style: jacket

Most of us associate the biker style with a leather jacket, a characteristic feature of which is a short length and a narrowed waist. It received its name thanks to the zipper, which is diagonally opposed. The authentic name of this cult element of the wardrobe sounds like “Perfecto”. This name was carried by cigarettes from one of the most popular American brands, which were produced at the beginning of the last century. It was in honor of this brand that Irven Shot (one of the founders of the famous Schott brand) named the outerwear of a unique design that was in demand among the military, pilots, and police, as well as representatives of informal movements (rock musicians, bikers).

Biker Style In Clothes For Women

What to wear and how to choose?

Along with the traditional black models, biker style outerwear for girls is currently sewn from thin and patent leather, from leatherette and other materials. Such models resemble the classic jacket-leather jacket only thanks to a slanting zipper. In the trend of the usual colors: dark blue, turquoise, pale blue, purple, burgundy, pistachio tones. As before, they are decorated with metal rivets, zippers, silver hardware (chains, buckles), lacing, decorated with prints and original embroideries. Biker style leather jackets can be found in the collections Acne, Bottega Veneta, Moschino, Celine, Dsquared, Balmain, Kenzo, etc. You may also like thong bikini trend

Biker Style In Clothes For Women

In the new season, trendsetters are advised to experiment boldly, combining different styles. For example, they recommend mixing extravagant daring clothes with things more restrained, calm. With flowing maxi-skirts, dresses, sundresses made of silk or chiffon. Such combinations always look very impressive. Leather jackets can be completed with skinny, leggings, with any denim trousers, shorts, chinos. Such stylish kits are quite familiar and versatile.

When choosing a jacket of paramount importance is the quality of the material from which the model is created. The most affordable products made of durable cowhide. If the leather jacket is not designed to ride a bike, you can stop the choice on a model of thin leather (goat or deer), which are considered durable and strong.

As for the style, everything is simple: ladies with lush hips fit leather jackets with an accented shoulder line. Girls with wide shoulders should choose outerwear without decorative elements and combine them with voluminous midi skirts or straight trousers. As an alternative to a leather jacket, a leather trench coat, a jumpsuit or a vest with a worn effect, as well as items generously studded with metal “spikes” are suitable.

Biker Style In Clothes For Women

Pants and shorts: features and photos

Narrow-cut black and brown leather pants are a favorite element of this trend. Particularly noteworthy parts (lightning, rivets, chains). In combination with exquisite slim fit blouses and shirts, these pants look stylish and feminine. Leather shorts should have a sufficient amount of metallic decor. This season a tendency has appeared to mix completely different styles, which made it easy to replace leather shorts and pants with jeans. Choosing a similar way of expressing your individuality, do not forget that in this case, you should give preference to denim trousers with an abundance of decor that is fairly worn and has an aged look. They harmoniously look with light T-shirts, decorated with bright prints in the style of old school.

Biker Style In Clothes For Women


Traditional for this direction is considered high leather boots or massive berets. Today, designers offer to change them for more elegant and feminine boots with heels or for jackboots, and in the warm season to choose sandals on a high platform. To keep your look from being overloaded, do not forget: the more metal fittings on a shoe, the less it should be on clothes and accessories.

Important stuff

Accessories will help to create a distinctive style. It can be:

  • massive necklaces and pendants, bracelets, wristbands;
  • chains for clothing, badges, badges;
  • glam rock massive sunglasses;
  • backpacks, black leather bags with fringe, chains;
  • bandanas

Biker Style In Clothes For Women

The rebellious and hooligan biker style will become the ideal choice of freedom-loving natures. It will give even more expressiveness, brightness, sexuality to resolute girls who are not accustomed to following generally accepted standards, including those in fashion.

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