Benefits Of The Bathrooms By Dry Sauna

Benefits Of The Bathrooms By Dry Sauna

Baths at high temperatures or heat baths exist from the origins of man. The dry sauna was applied from the distant epoch of the Egyptian pharaohs, when in their large buildings they received the warmth of the perfumed waters, seeking to maintain their physical beauty and lighten the spirit. Perhaps in that space of history, they did not define the dry sauna as we do now, but they did perhaps with the same intentions.

What is a bath with a dry sauna?

Enjoying a dry sauna bath consists of exposing the body to a heat that concentrates on volcanic stones. By keeping the heat for long periods of time and after adding menthol oils or leaves such as eucalyptus, these boils emit their aroma, enveloping us in that sensation of dry, hot and perfumed air that our ancestors enjoyed. But let’s be clear that the dry sauna bath not only serves to provide us with perfumes and take care of ourselves but also gives us a series of very important benefits; Next, we explain some of them.Benefits Of The Bathrooms By Dry Sauna

Bathrooms with dry sauna

Today as in the distant epoch, we seek to see ourselves and feel good, healthy and pleasant. The dry sauna gives us the opportunity to experience that feeling of total control and relaxation (if you are looking for relaxation, items such as the outdoor jacuzzi can also help you a lot). When we expose ourselves to such high temperatures, our pores expand and this allows us to eliminate naturally the toxins that we have accumulated in our body.

The exposure to the benefits of the dry sauna also brings a diuretic effect, which not only helps you remove retained liquids and reduce cellulite, but also is a wonderful treatment for inflammation, bumps, arthritis and many other ailments of this kind.

Not only the external part of our valuable body benefits through the use and enjoyment of the dry sauna, also our breathing is benefited, since the bronchi open and with this we clean our lungs, leaving a particular sensation of internal cleansing to be able to breathe with serenity, oxygenating our brain and stimulating blood supply.

In addition to the benefits we have mentioned, by subjecting our body to a dry sauna, the body relaxes. And is that being exposed to a high heat, the nervous system is slowing down, which produces a true relaxation of our muscles, freeing us of the stress and the pressures to which we are subjected every day. You can feel how those tensions dissipate, leaving you ready to make your decisions with greater objectivity and serenity.

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Varieties of baths with dry sauna

Dry Sauna or Finnish Sauna

This way of enjoying a dry sauna bath comes from Finland, originated by the low temperatures of this place and where surely its inhabitants in the search of feeling comfortable, they managed to warm the room through hot stones. This system consists of subjecting the rocks to high temperatures, which are red-hot and provide between 80 to 90 degrees of dry heat to those who approach, so it is advisable to always keep a damp towel to cool the body or the nape with some frequency.

Sauna with InfraredBenefits Of The Bathrooms By Dry Sauna

This method of achieving the effects of the dry sauna requires a different system to the traditional, where panels located on the back wall of the sauna and that directly affect the human body, emit low-frequency infrared rays that generate a more focused heat and direct. Infrared rays are a type of electromagnetic and thermal radiation. The sensation of heat that we feel in our body, with the application of this system, is related to the amount of radiation that we receive; logically we talk about radiation beneficial to health. With the application of this method of exposure to infrared rays, we receive several benefits, but with a sensation of the heat of 50 degrees, that is to say, less than that of the other systems.

Wet sauna: Hamam, wet sauna, or steam room

This system differs from the dry sauna, in that it is based on the use of water vapor instead of a source of dry heat. That is to say, there is a generator that transforms liquid water into water vapor and ejects it into the passenger compartment, soaking all the corners of the Turkish bath and opening the pores of the user who is inside. With this steam you get the dilatation of the pores, the cleaning, and purification of the body; It is somewhat similar to the dry sauna, but there are differences between these two bathrooms.

What other benefit does the bathroom bring us through a dry sauna?

The truth is that we have already seen and felt the number of benefits that the dry sauna has, but we need a very important one that is part of our life: our inner self.

Yes, that intangible part that composes us, but that is what defines us within the universe. Our inner part, our spirit, which is often mistreated, harassed, stressed, and that we never pay attention to, except when at some point we raise a prayer.Benefits Of The Bathrooms By Dry Sauna

The peace of the physical body, its well-being, and its balance, has a lot to do with that inner self since that is how we are composed, so it is necessary to have a healthy and peaceful body to have a healthy and peaceful inner self.

Making the decisions of our daily life, since we left home, depends on the attitude with which we face it and the reality is that if we have been taking care of ourselves and providing an internal and external cleaning, our life will surely flow better, softer and more pleasant.

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Bathing using a homemade dry sauna

There is no doubt that with all the wonderful effects of the dry sauna, we are all going to make the effort to enjoy this special bath. Now, how much does it cost me to go to a dry sauna bath? How do I make it part of my daily life?

These activities are usually expensive, but since everything in life is the one that manages, you can enjoy the dry sauna and its benefits in your home. Reserve a closed space, habilitate it for the use of the sauna, and search among the countless options that we offer you from the Hidromassage website. There are square, rectangular, semicircular models. Within each form, you can choose different sizes based on the number of users. Make a selection of 3-6 options and contact our commercial department so that we can advise you on the choice of your ideal model.

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